Newbie - Equifax alll messed up

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by kat1994, Nov 17, 2001.

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    Newbir - Equifax all messed up


    I am a newbie to this board and take comfort in knowing that I am not alone. This is what is reporting of Equifax as of 11/14

    Last activity 11/99 $2400

    Last Activity 12/98 $50 - This account has been paid as of 11/14

    Last Activity 12/98 $100 - This account has been paid 11/14

    Last Activity 2/98 $550

    Charged off accounts

    CC $500 1998
    CC $4500 1997
    CC $6000 1998
    Department store card $2500 1999

    44 Inq's showing up
    13 are Equifax
    9 are from collection agencies
    9 are from accounts that I currently have
    9 are from when I purchased a car
    The rest are labled PRM

    My Equifax score is 546 up from March when it was 517

    I have 6 tradelines reporting R1 (Including Americredit car loan that is 19 mts old and a Providian card that is 23 mths old).

    I hired Lexington 8/01 and the only thing that has come off was a gulf state collection for cross country.

    What should my next step be? I am thinking of sending validation letters to the Collection and Credit Card companies. I would like to get my score into the 600's.

    Would I benefit from using Creditwrench at this late stage with the Collection Agenices?

    I look forward to your comments and suggestions.

    Thanks for reading
  2. Nave

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    Re: Newbir - Equifax all messed up

    You seem to be doing fine in the last 3 years which is great and will be looked at very favorably once this is all cleaned up.

    Yes you should send validation letters to the CC and collection companies as well as take advantage of the online disputing the 3 CRA's offer now. Hopefully you can stop those pesky inquiries that one or more of them are nailing you with.

    Lexington has been at it only 3 months now, give them some time to work unless you want to dump them, then you can probably do what they are doing all by I said now with the online disputing all 3 offer, disputing is easy and doing it yourself is a snap. If you do try some disputing on your own, find out exactly what Lexington is working on (what accounts currently in dispute) so you don't disrupt their work. I did some disputing while Junum worked on my accounts and it worked wonderfully.

    I would say you have a bit tougher time than I because mine were much older derogs, but yours are old enough to where they may already be archived in some basement and tougher to validate.

    As for CreditWrench, if you do decide to go that way, I would dump Lexington because you will more than likely have problems using both strategies, although I think I remember Bill saying he never sends things to the CRA's so maybe there is no'd be better off asking him or some of the people he has helped.

    Good Luck

    -Peace, Dave
  3. kat1994

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    Re: Newbir - Equifax all messed up

    Thanks Dave,

    I will send out Validation letters on Monday. I hope to report some positive results soon.

  4. kat1994

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    Re: Newbir - Equifax all messed up


    What do you think?
  5. bbauer

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    Re: Newbir - Equifax all messed up

    didn't we discuss this in email a little while ago?

    If not, then send me an email and I'll tell you what I think.

    But one thing I do think is that I am no longer going to be giving out much info on the board because we are starting to get back perfected validations and that can only mean that we are just giving out far too much info on the net and the collectors are picking up on it and pretty soon we won't have a way to go.

    So send me your info and questions by email and I'll be glad to answer you.

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