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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by 3dayevntr, Aug 5, 2003.

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    Here I am a Newbie, starting the CR process. I have read a bunch and am going to continue reading, probably forever. However I would still like a bit of reassurance that I am started down the correct path, procedure wise.

    My credit scores are
    TU 544
    Eq 521
    Ex 554
    As an example of a CR I will use TU
    I have about 9 positive TL. One TL with two 30 day lates which are incorrect.I have about 38 negative items on my CR. About 15 are CB derogs and the balance charge offs and student loans that were in collection and are now paid by consolidation. My Consolidation loan is current/never late since Feb/03. 5 of the derogs that are not CB are old revolving CC accounts,the balance is the student loan info. My university was on the quarter system so each loan taken every quarter is listed individually.

    About 3 of the CB listings are not mine (really). I have a very common last name with a fairly common first name. One is from a video store and the other from Sparkletts , which I never had an account with. So I will definitely dispute those and shouldn't't have a problem.

    My CR lists my spouses name as " E". I have never been married. It also lists my name as "First Name Lastname II" as if I am a Jr. I am a woman and definiately not named after my mother.Does this affect score? They have my name listed 6 different ways.

    Also numerous inquiries that I never authorized. I have applied for credit once in the past 4 years. There are 13 HI on my CR.

    I would really appreciate the best way to begin this journey. I am very tenacious, adamant about civil rights ( I have a degree in Political Science, with a pre-law concentration-never went to law school school- so you can all still like me :) I like to win! And I like to put the big old guys in their place.

    My initial plan is to start the dispute at the CB level and go from there. Starting with 3/4 disputes.

    The questions I have are:

    Is it best to dispute the same items on all three CR at once? Or would disputing differing items on all 3 be more productive.

    If an item is removed from a CR, is it effective to notify another CRA that the item was removed and not verified when trying to dispute and would this provide emphasis for removal of that item? Or would they just think I am a big dork and ignore me?

    What is the best way to start the removal of the SL derogs as these are the bulk of my negative items and should I go after these first?

    I appreciate any and all help and am very grateful to have found you all.

    I promise not to be so long winded in my future posts.

    Also, I would love a link to the Nut case letter if anyone has one at the ready.

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    I don't know anything about student loans, but I've had some experience that may be helpful in other questions you've asked.

    First, try not to worry about incorrect personal information too much, because it can come back every time someone reports who has that info. IOW, you'll get it taken off and it will come back.

    OTH if there are old addresses, it's worth getting them removed. They may or may not come back, but it's worth the effort to find out. Get a trial to and check daily. Try to match the changes in balance reporting to the bad personal info - that's the only way to figure it out "easily".

    I don't think it makes sense to send data from one CRA to another. You want to USE their isolation from each other, not destroy it. <grin>

    Take on the same item for all 3 CRAs at once, sure, but don't take on more than one dispute at a time. I went crazy online and then couldn't use it anymore. Use the online process as it's convenient and you'll typically get a response in less than 30 days. I tend to "layer" my complaints one week apart , but I don't know if that's good or bad yet. I've gotten some deletions but I've also gotten frivalous and unable to dispute online anymore.

    Go slowly, try the standard "not my account", take it from there. Once you admit something is yours, you can't put the genie back in the bottle.
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    HI Dan,

    Thanks so much for your help and info. You mentioned attempting one dispute at a time. How long should I wait between disputes? And is it a good idea to try for a validation at a CA and dispute a different TL through the online process at the same time?


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