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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by LRM216, Sep 9, 2003.

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    posted about a month ago that I was served a Summons and complaint (valid) from Arrow Financial thru a local collection atty re a HSN bill of $897. Never heard from Arrow prior to the summons. SOL is not expired on this. I filed a notice of appearance and answer about 3 weeks ago and served atty with stamped copies. Also validated as soon as I received Summons. Have never heard from the collection law firm re validation or any other paperwork. What do I do now???? Please - any info will help.

    Thank you
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    You haven't heard form them because they know you are not a lamb ready to roll over and pay. They know you are a knowledgable about your rights. I don't know much about the series of letters because I don't use them. I get more done using the phone.

    Whatever letter is next in the series, I suggest you send that. Don't give them time to catch their breath. Check with your court clerk to see if they have set a date yet. If the attorneys have violated any of your rights, (which is very easy to do) send them an ITS letter detailing the violation - and then follow-up on it. Don't roll over and play dead like some posters on this board who talk the talk and then wimp out when it's time to take action.

    Good luck
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    Have you gotten a court date?

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