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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Momof3, Sep 20, 2001.

  1. Momof3

    Momof3 Well-Known Member

    My friend applied for this card, why I'll never know, however she did. Her history, 4 platinum cards scores all in high 600's, no negatives. She applied and they pulled TU, score is 690 as of Tuesday. Drumroll............... They offered her a SECURED card!!!!!!!! She of course told them every so politely through email to shove it here they sun don't shine LOL.
  2. MartysGirl

    MartysGirl Well-Known Member

    I guess they need money REAL bad ....... ;-)

    NEXTCARD SUCKS....!!!!!!
  3. Cadillac408

    Cadillac408 Well-Known Member


    I tried to apply for them like almost a year ago and it said something that they couldn't accept my application because I had already submitted one w/in a certain period (o.k.????). So like 2 months later I tried again.....same thing. Oh well.....guess someone was telling me something!
  4. Kittw1

    Kittw1 Well-Known Member

    It was a tiny CL, but a friend of mine with a BK13 dismissed and reporting and tax liens out the ying yang got a $300 card. Oh and she had a FC on the house too. But they want me to send them $300..So I said ok tough guys, let me make ya feel sorry for me..wrote them a letter and asked fo reconsideration for unsecured..Don't really want it, I just need a good current trade line.

    GEORGE Well-Known Member

    THEY NEED MONEY REAL BAD??? why don't they give everybody 9.99% NO BT FEE conditional they transfer from "OTHERS"...
    ...wife's account now 18.99% @ $0.00 balance = $0.00 profit/month.
    IF 9.99% NO BT FEE...9.99% @ $10,000.00+ = $83.25 +/-

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