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    nextcard's site has a feature that allows you to see your accounts from equifax a set up balance transfers without having to fill in all the information from scratch. On july 25 I hit the link to do this but decided not to do a BT. tonight I checked eq and there it was a hard inquiry from nextcard 7/25. This isw in direct contradiction to the instructions on their site which says that the inquiry will not affect your credit. I am annoyed to say the least.

    GEORGE Well-Known Member


    ...OR e-mail them telling them..."since you did a "HARD" inquiry with-out permission...YOU CAN JUST INCREASE MY CREDIT LIMIT $2,000...OR DECREASE MY INTEREST RATE 2%...


    GEORGE Well-Known Member

    The Credit Bureau file request described above will not negatively affect your credit rating or
    credit history. To see the Terms and Conditions of your Balance Transfer, click here.
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    I DID IT! I just got home from New Mexico last night so that's why I haven't been posting. I called both Nextcard and Direct Merchants Bank and got my cards cancelled. DMB had some foreign lady I couldn't hardly understand, but she got the work done. Nextcard had some chirpy old lady who is like 60, and she only asked the reason why I was cancelling, which was due to the high interest rate. She cancelled the card and that was it! I'm free from them now! Here's the line-up of cards I have now.

    *Sears, Opened 6/01, $500 limit
    *Cedar Falls Community Credit Union, Opened 01/01, $500 limit
    *Direct Merchants Bank Mastercard, Opened 6/01, $3500 limit
    *Nextcard, Opened 6/01, $2000 limit

    ALL of those were closed 08/01

    Here are all the open accounts and limits, tell me what I should trim down to. I would like to keep only 2 or 3 cards.

    *Iowa Community Credit Union Visa, $300 limit, Opened 07/00, 11.89% interest rate
    *Capital One Student Visa, $500 limit, Opened 08/00, 14.77% rate
    *Bank of America Platinum Visa, $6000 limit, Opened 06/01, 19.8% interest rate
    *Chase Platinum Mastercard, $8500 limit, Opened 06/01, 2.99% till Feb 02' then 14.24%
    *Target, $300 limit, Opened 06/01, Interest rate like 21% or so

    What should I keep and what should I get rid of? Advice is appreciated, as well as help on getting my interest rates down, especially on the Bank of America Visa.
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    I dump the credit union and the Cap 1 cards. Limits to low and the rate is about par with the others. As for the Target card, keep it for the FICO model and buy yourself a book or CD to keep the account running.

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  6. the other

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    Even though the limits are low, those are his oldest accounts.

    I think you should stick with what you have and let it age a bit.

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