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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Kittw1, Jul 29, 2001.

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    The last time I checked my score (about a month ago) it was in the 575-590 range. I had a fone under some other B%!(#)'s account. Long story made short. I called to make a credit card payment this weekend and she changed the password and everything. I talked to about 6 people and immediately asked how can I divide my fone off of this account. I finally got someone that told me that the line would go to the modifications dept and in 9 business days they would let me know if they would ok opening the account for me. Now from what I understand this idiot ex-friend of mine is supposed to call in or fax a letter authorizing a release, but my intuition tells me the rep did it anyway. She took my credit info. I know they use TU. I have already complained to TU about their lack of performance, I so not know if this will hurt me or not. Is their any chance that I will get a phone for good measure or I'll have a $1 million deposit? LOL? Anybody with Nextel or cell fone trying to get approved experience let me know.
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    If you have a problem with the Nextel phone being released into your name/account, you can start fresh with a new Nextel account. Nextel has 3 credit levels...NO deposit, $200 deposit, and $500 deposit.
    If your ex-friend has not paid the bill, they will not release the line until the account is brought up to date, nor will they reactivate a disconnected phone from a past due account.

    This is a very common problem with Nextel, One friend gets approved, gets 5 phones for all of his/her friends then doesn't pay the bill or doesn't get paid by a few of the people on the account and the whole account gets shutdown with useless phones.
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    So does this mean that I will have to buy a fone all over again? Also my brother applied online and they sent an email back requesting a deposit of $2000. Is that ridiculous or what? He doesn't even have credit (which I know is worse than me having bad credit).

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