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  1. Keisha

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    I want to know is there anyway to obtain credit at all. My huisband has NO CREDIT and it is almost like having bad credit I have no crdit either so I can't guide him in any way. I applied for 2 diffrent cards last week on the web and I recieved rejection letters today. The reason was because there was no credit history. We really just want 1 card with about a $5000 limit; is there any way for us to do this? Any suggestions?, I don't want to get to ,any inquires I heard that can hurt you as well, by the way I applied for the Discover platnium tonight but I don't think I will get it .

  2. colin

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    If you have no credit established today, then applying for a $5,000 credit card or Discover Platinum simply won't happen. My advice would be to apply for one or two gasoline credit cards along with a department store (Macys, JC Penney, etc.). With about 6 months of good credit (no missed payments, not going over your limit), you should try again by applying for cards with companies like First USA, Capital One, Providian/Aria.

    Good luck

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