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  1. Keisha

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    I want to know is there anyway to obtain credit at all. My husband has NO CREDIT and it is almost like having bad credit I have no credit either so I can't guide him in any way. I applied for 2 diffrent cards last week on the web and I recieved rejection letters today. The reason was because there was no credit history. We really just want 1 card with about a $5000 limit; is there any way for us to do this? Any suggestions?, I don't want to get to many inquires I heard that can hurt you as well, by the way I applied for the Discover platnium tonight but I don't think I will get it .

  2. Alex - Cre

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    If you have no credit at all you will not qualify for a Platinum card or a $5,000 unsecured credit limit. you need to build some kind of good credit history first, your best option would be to start with a secured credit card where you make a deposit and that deposit is your credit line, some banks give you a higher credit limit than your deposit, check out our credit card list at:
    For some ideas.

    Unfortunately like everything in life you have to start small and work your way up, once you build a good credit history and show resposable use of your credit you will start getting applications in the mail for credit cards with higher credit limits and lower interest rates.

    Good luck!


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  3. Michael D.

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    Look at the posting down a few subjects titled "How to get unsecured credit"
    You can see what I sugested to Lara and see if your able to work towards 1 or 2 secured cards of your own. As Alex points out you will never get credit until you start establishing credit.

    You may wish to try Capital One which usualy only requires $100.00 to gain a Visa with a small credit limit.
  4. F mata

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    It is true that every inquiry a creditor makes into your credit history, your rating will drop. I used to have a decent credit rating until I started to look for financing through car dealers. After six inquiries, my rating dropped below 500! I had no idea that would occur, so now I am forced to rebuild my rating. Also, becareful about applying for credit online. Some dot-coms will share your information with other companies and they will make inquiries as well, dropping your rate farther into the abyss
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    Keisha--try going applying to Orchard Bank and apply for the NON-SECURED card. If approved, you won't get a large credit line--at least not initially, but it's a start. They have a web-site and you can apply online if you'd like.

    Good luck!
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    Don't forget retail store cards as sources of both credit and credit history. They will be small cards at first. A $5000 unsecured card isn't going to happen until you have a record of making payments for a couple of years on at least three accounts.

    I endorse the suggestion of starting with Capital One, even on a secured basis. Capital One is a lousy source of credit, but a great way to build a credit history with very small limits.
  7. michael

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    I agree with your principal of building credit, but it need not take 3-4 years to get $5,000.00

    I got a card for one of my clients (Discover)
    with $10,000.00 he had 3 lines the oldest was 15 months, and the highest credit limit was $1,500.00 for 6 months.

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