No Debt-Just Bad Credit!

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by ScooterElf, Jul 27, 2009.

  1. ScooterElf

    ScooterElf New Member

    I am not in debt I just have bad credit/bad information on my reports & no clue what to do or how to do it.Ive read books & checked out numerous sites but get so confused & the amount we are dealing with isnt huge so most of the stuff I read doesnt apply to me.
    I make a very good income($40,000 +)have no credit cards or loans etc or anything.Just a car payment that I pay on time every month.I also have TWO successfully paid off mortgages on my CR & one revolving account that was paid off & closed.My score is in the 500's & Id love to build it up!

    FROM WHAT I CAN SEE whats hurting my score the most are accounts that were discharged on a 2004 bankruptcy but are still showing up ,FOR INSTANCE, a First Premiere credit card . They are showing it opened in 2007 & closed in 2008!They are showing two diff accounts *HOWEVER* I only had one & it was discharged on my bankruptcy! I also have a Fingerhut account that was opened at an old address!!!!No clue how to fight that as its at my former martial residence but *I* didnt open it/use it & just found out about it!
    I also have an $81 check my ex wrote that bounced,its showing up on my report!Theres also a phone bill thats not mine & two "mystery accounts"that I cant figure out WHAT they are but going by the dates they were opened in a state I no longer live in AFTER I left. I also have a a social security number thats incorrect(digit off)as well as wrong addresses and it as simple as contacting the CA's & requesting an update? What do I do about the bankruptcy "re-aging"accounts? Is there a reputable service out there can help me or do I have to do this by myself??

    ID REALLY APPRECIATE SOME HELP! PLEASE!!! C'MON! 9 views and NO replies??? NOBODY can help?
  2. Hedwig

    Hedwig Well-Known Member

    You aren't going to get your score very high without revolving accounts. That's what FICO wants to see.
  3. ScooterElf

    ScooterElf New Member

    Yes but I cant get them with my score so low ! I need to get this bad info off my report WHICH I NEED TO KNOW HOW TO I do it online or write letters?I keep reading contradictory information so I came here for can I clean up my report so I can ,maybe,get a revolving account(who is a good bet to apply for?)
  4. amdanielle

    amdanielle New Member

    you may want to become a memeber of a credit monitoring company. they can help you dispute things on your credit report.
  5. tuvw867

    tuvw867 Banned

    And vice versa

    And vice versa
  6. cap1sucks

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    Really, the answers to your problems seem quite simple. Find any inaccurate information on your credit reports and dispute them as inaccurate information. Tell the credit bureaus what you think is inaccurate information in your dispute letters. If it comes back verified file a federal lawsuit against the bureau and whoever provided the false or misleading information and your problems will get resolved. Simple as that.
  7. apple123

    apple123 New Member

    also apply for a secured credit card to build up a history of on time payments. after about a year or two of this, you should be able to apply for an unsecured credit card as well.

    don't use it to get into debt, just charge your everyday purchases to your cards and then pay them off every month. credit agencies like to see that you have a history of spending and paying off revolving accts.

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