NO increase from Providian, even C

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Julie L, Jun 1, 2001.

  1. Julie L

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    Well, after trying for THREE months, I have hit the bottom with Providian. I got my card in December last year. I have NEVER been late, always pay early, pay $80 instead of the required $15, and use my card alot. It is STILL sitting at $100!! I took advice from all here, I contacted PFB FIVE times, I called the CEO offices, everything. Each month, they tell me to wait ONE more billing cycle for my first increase. Each billing cycle comes, then goes, no increase. I keep getting different stories from each rep. Here's what I've been told so far:#1: In March, I was told I can get a manual increase, that day, for $300, but if I wait a month, I'd get $1000. So, I passed, waiting for the $1000. #2, next month, I called, they told me there is NO such thing as increases by calling, ONLY automatic. #3, I was told they give increases every 90 days, then, every 120 days#4, I was told in May, it's after 4 months#5, I was told May 22, I had to wait, that I was in automatic review for past month, it will take one more month to get my increase#6, I was told last week I have to wait for JULY!! . I called today, they told me I had NOTHING in the computer to offer me, even though my account is perfect. I have given up, I don't see how all of you get increases for a phone call, although Providian says they DO NOT give increases unless your account is "selected". I don't know what else to do. The office that called me(CEO offices), told me that I will be reviewed, every month, the computer will select me when it selects me. I don't get it, they are so full of SHIT!! I was also told many times, my account is TOO NEW!! Can you beleive it>? I've had the card for my 7th month now. How are some of you, who've had your card less time than I, getting increases? Is there something I'm missing?Please help, Julie
  2. Saar

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    Re: NO increase from Providian, eve

    Their lie ratio used to be 1:1, now it's more like 3:1.

    1. How many times did you speak w/ their Retention agents?

    2. How was your reported non-Providian debt ratio at the time you applied for an increase? Do you have some idea about your current score?

  3. Julie L

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    Re: NO increase from Providian, eve

    Saar, thanks for replying, before i answer your q's, I need to add that, after bitching at PFB, I got a call from Angel, in their CEO office. He told me to expect my increase on May 22, after my fifth month. When Mayy 22 came and went, I received a letter from same guy, Angel, telling me that, " As you know, when you applied for your Providian classic card, you were told you would only get an increase of $300, after SEVEN full months of history, which means you aren't even close to your expected increase, until the end of JULY!!!!". That's AFTER he told me to expect it in May, and after all the reps promising me the "one more billing cycle" b.s. Here's what I know about my score, it's not very good, but it's partly because Cap One is NOT reporting my limit. ELOAN scored me at a pitiful 569, worthknowing scored me at 600. My debt ratio? I'm not sure, but I make UNDER $45,000. My bills(all loans, revolving accounts, etc), is ONLY $1500. I have a Cap One with $2600( I keep about half on it), I have the PUNY $100 on PRO, I have a car loan from Wells Fargo, all never late, I always pay more. Matter of fact, my average monthly bill on Cap One is $45, but I send them $500(in 5 payments), every month. I NEVER go over my limit. I just don't get it, I had been offered a manual $300 in March or April, but now I can't get squat!! I have been told so many stories. I cannot beleive the computer passes me up EVERY month, when I have been perfect with them. I talked to retention 3 times, all times, they said they cannot do a thing, the COMPUTER won't let them, NO offers available to me, but, I quote" we go over every account, every month, so maybe you will have an offer next month". I have been told the NEXT MONTH story for 6 months!! Julie
  4. sam

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    Re: NO increase from Providian, eve

    pay off the account in full each month. Check your bill statement for the $49/upgrade option. It will come.
  5. Mirage

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    I received my first increase after 121 days ($200). Since than another $200.00 and the offer of $1000.00 for a $49.00 My account was opened in 7/00

    Putting myself in your shoes, I would pay off the balance and not use the card for the rest of the summer. The starting $100 cl indicates to me that Providian is seeing you as more of a credit risk than other Providian customers.

    On the issue of Cap 1 not reporting true CL. There are ways of getting it reported that wil lwork in your favor.

    The method I chose was to pick a certain month and buy all my monthly household items (food, gas, etc.) to come close in max out my CL (remember to leave room for the finance charges) and right after the billing cycle closes, pay the balance in full.

    Best regards,
  6. fingrrrl

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    Write to them via Planetfeedback. Make the letter long and bitch and complain a great deal. Threaten to resend the letter (you can do that) every four hours and then live up to your threat. Tell them you'll keep sending it until you get what you want or they stop ignoring you or beating you around the bush. That's what I did...and now I have 5K limit and a 16.99% APR. Try it.
  7. Julie L

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    I have written to them by PFB, several times, that's how I got Angel from the CEO office to call. No matter what I said, or threatened, he wouldn't budge. He even had nerve to tell me he found a phone call, recorded, that said I was NOT offered an increase. The main thing that ticks me off, is that I have gotten dozens and dozens of different answers from Providian, as to WHEN I get my increase. All the way back from Jan, to now, I've been lied to, promised, and riddled with different time lines, but no increase.
  8. fingrrrl

    fingrrrl Well-Known Member

    Write again and ask that Mikael Lee call or e-mail you. He's an executive director of some sort and I only deal with him whenever I want something. Good luck!
  9. cbearcat6

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    I have 2 Providian cards. I was able to get 16.9 on both cards and annual fee refunded on both also. I have only been able to get one free increase via a phone call. I've also been told many different dates on which my other would qualify for an increase. I am frustrated with the different stories also. I have never been overlimit, or late on payments with either account either. One account is 2 yrs old , other is 13months old.
  10. greyfox

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    I was told by a retention rep that my account had to be two years old to qualify me for an APR lower than to retention, 800-215-7318.

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