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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by kashmac, Aug 29, 2012.

  1. kashmac

    kashmac Member


    I am having a problem posting an update to my thread.

    When I try to post it says I can not post links. There are no links.

    Please resolve.

  2. kashmac

    kashmac Member

    This is the error :

    The following errors occurred with your submission

    An error has occurred kashmac! You must have 25 posts in order to post links. Your current post count is 10.
  3. JoshuaHeckathorn

    JoshuaHeckathorn Administrator

    What thread are you trying to update, and what are you trying to update it with?
  4. kashmac

    kashmac Member

    Hi Josh:

    Just updating my thread:


    I am just giving a progress report with no links.


    Josh I did not save what I typed but it was auto saved many times.
    Is it possible to retrieve the post from auto save?
  5. lisa

    lisa Administrator

    Hi kashmac,

    Is your reply quoting previous posts that contain a link? If so, that may be why you're getting the error.

    To restore your autosaved content, go to the thread and look at the reply box. There should be a link on the bottom-left side of the box that says "Restore Auto-saved Content". Click on that link and you should see the reply that has been auto-saved. This only works if you were logged in then and are logged in now.

    Let me know if that works!
  6. kashmac

    kashmac Member

    Lisa thanks I was able to find my post but it still will not allow me to post.

    Do you see any links:


    I am ready to kick this payoff in high gear.

    Happy days are here again!!!
  7. kashmac

    kashmac Member


    I am ready to kick this payoff in high gear. Worked out the payment plan for each credit card.
    The big one gets paid off in February after I have paid off 5 cc before the big one by December.
    The big one is $2500 .

    AS you can see this is wrong as stated above. AS I pay off the big one that is it, no need to
    use it to pay the others.

    Thanks for all your help.

    Happy days are here again!!!

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