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Discussion in 'General Lounge' started by FeliceRodo, Sep 13, 2001.

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    The attack on the WTC obviously is war, and calls from extreme and swift retaliation - no credit should be extended for mistaken action. The news announcers are repeatedly mentioning bin Laden as a possibility, and saying that this is "retaliation" for U.S. support of Israel. If so, there are definite Arab countries that should be bombed and incinerated.

    I can only hope that this attack causes Americans to end appeasement and demand heavy retaliation from our government. And I'm sure glad it isn't
    Gore who is in office.

    Thankfully, a number of voices are calling it an act of war, likening it to Pearl Harbor, and saying that we should not try to respond to only the individuals who planned this particular attack.

    If we ever want to feel safe in commercial airlines again, or while at sites that symbolize America, we must visit massive destruction on the states that sponsor terrorism or harbor terrorists.
  2. tom65432

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    Just thinking out loud and not taking a position. Afganistan is the main country that is now protecting the terrorists, but there are others too. The country has 20 million people. Are you saying to kill them all? If you add to that the people in the other countries that harbor the terrorists, you could easily be over 100 million people.

    About 50 million died in WWII, to put this into perspective.

    I would agree that we should retaliate heavily, but not sure where we should stop. We should also make the effort to take out Arafat and his terrorists.

    But, we have to maintain the moral high ground. We cannot kill civilians in a wholesale fashion.

    Before anyone else says it - I know this should be on the other forum but have no idea on how to transfer it over.
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    This is the correct forum, Tom. You lost? ;)
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    Breeze, it was moved here from CreditTalk forum. He was right. :p

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