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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by MammaJ, Jan 20, 2010.

  1. MammaJ

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    30 days is drawing near for one of the Pay-For-Delete letters that I sent to a CA at the end of December (I have proof they received/signed for it Dec 30). I offered to pay 40% of the balance. But I am surprised that I haven't heard anything from them. The other 3 derog tradelines that I made requests of have all reflected deletions or updates in my reports, but this one hasn't made any updates or responded at all. What should I do next? I am wondering if I should maybe go ahead and dispute with CRA and see if they get a response from them. Should I send another offer to pay for delete? Thoughts?

    OC: Time Warner Cable
    CA: Credit Protection Associates
    Balance: $286
    Pay-For-Delete rec'd: 12-30-09
  2. TheDude

    TheDude Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't....

    I'm not an old pro at this or anything, but I don't think you want to negotiate against yourself. They have rejected your offer, but they don't have the courtesy to notify YOU of that. I wouldn't provide them the courtesy of now negotiating against yourself and giving them another offer to accept or ignore. I've been guilty of doing just that and I'm finished with it. The ball is now in their court. Let them hit it back.
  3. gymbo731

    gymbo731 Active Member

    Same thing is happening to me. I am trying to negotiate a pay for delete, but they are constaly ignoring me. They do have a judgment against me, so I really don't want to wait for them. They sent me a counter-offer, but it didn't include a delete or to issue a satisfaction of the judgemnt. I don't know what to do.
  4. MammaJ

    MammaJ Member

    I respect what you're saying, but I'm not really in a position to just sit on it. I intend to apply for a mortgage soon and this is unpaid, so I've got to get it paid one way or another. I just can't believe that they're not responding to my offer to pay. Not sure what in the world to do.
  5. TheDude

    TheDude Well-Known Member

    If they sent you a counteroffer, I wouldn't say that they are ignoring you. They're just not willing to delete it for you. I don't know what your balance is, but I suspect it would be very hard for MammaJ to get a deletion for a $248 balance when she is only offering 40%. They don't need that $99 bad enough to do her a favor.
  6. MammaJ

    MammaJ Member

    Well, I'll pay 100%...the amount isn't that serious to me. I was just advised to start negotiations in any pay-for-delete with a small percentage, so that's how I started. But I personally haven't received any counter-offer or any communication from them at all. I just want the darn thing gone.
  7. gymbo731

    gymbo731 Active Member

    Well for my situation I am dealing with Rubin and Rothman, which is handling my capitalone account. The judgment is for $1000, but I only spent like $500 on the card itself. There is still interest building up, and now they say I owe around $1300. I sent them a pay-for-delete in the amount of $900.

    Should I wait 30 after I sent them a letter, and then send another? Also, I am sending these letters CMRR. Is that good? Can they still garnish my wages if I can prove I am negochiating with them? (or at least trying too)

    If I don't hear back from them, should I send another letter with the amount they are requesting, but insist that they delete the account?

    Also - the account was not sold to them. So I am wondering if they even have the authority to remove it. When I called Cap One, then said to call this number which was Legal something. Then they said R&R was handling it, and to contact them.

    I want to buy a house - but I want this off my CR! Please anyone?

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