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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by nomocash, Aug 18, 2003.

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    have 20 (x3) on my CR, and 10 (x3) on DWs CR.

    5 delinq student loans. Refinancing into one. Lady on phone is sending paperwork and verbally agreed to change old loans to "paid as agreed". Plan on sending paperwork to back that up.

    7 CA on my report. 2 Spartan, 2 Absolute, 1 Pallisades, 2 Syndicated Office Systems.

    Just sent out CRRR Validation letters to the four CAs I could w/o duplicating CAs. Wait to mail others.

    *** Note: Why didn't ya'll say CRRR was so @#$* expensive? I about stroked out when four CRRR letters came to $34!!! *******

    So, basically I just called to refi my student loans and sent my first four CRRR letters. Looking forward to getting the green slips!

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