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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Hideous, Aug 13, 2003.

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    i'll number my questions so people can give quick answers. i know i ask alot in one post

    1. what is proof of permissable purpose ? (signature only) ?

    2. how do you send your inquiry letters ? certified ? delivery confirmation ?

    3. soft inquirys do i send letters for those, is it the same offense ?

    4. do you type out your envelopes ? sounds dumb but i need kinkos to do it ?

    5. if i write a letter and get $1000 casue they had no PP does the inquiry stay ?

    6. is it each CRA or $1000 for the "pull" period ?

    7. what do i do if they do not respond ?

    7a at this point i will wonder if they had a PP that i forgot about and just don't want to respond to me. what would you do ?

    7b if a place told you they had a PP you didn't believe them and sued, and they di have a PP what would happen to you ?

    7c what would this cost you ?

    8. anyone else sue any other letters then the one linked above ?
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    i will not go unheard !!!!

    resistance is futile !!!
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    1. anyone got a link to washington state law on this matter ?

    2. if your state aloows for 5k is that in addition to the 1k that the FCRA gives ?

    2a or does it replace it ?

    just thought maybe your shorting yourself 1000

    and last but not least thanks for the answers.

    anyone want to answer the few he left out especially the soft question ?
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    Re: Re: non pp questions and letter request

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    Re: Re: non pp questions and letter request

    still searching for washington state law on credit inquuirys and stubled upon this, does it say what i think it says ?

    WAC 162-40-201 Rules concerning credit files.(1) Establishing credit files. A consumer reporting agency shall not refuse to establish a credit file for any person in any name under which an applicant may open or maintain an account. This file may be referenced with the file of the applicant's spouse.
    (2) Name on credit report. A consumer reporting agency shall issue credit reports in the name in which the request for the report was received. A credit report may include the name of the spouse or former spouse, if available.
    (3) Public record information. If a consumer reporting agency places public record information in credit files and such information contains the names of both spouses, such information shall be referenced so that it is accessible in the name of each spouse.
    (a) If a consumer reporting agency places public record information concerning a decree of separation or dissolution of marriage in credit files, it shall place such information in the individual credit file of each spouse.
    (4) Community credit files. A consumer reporting agency may reference the credit files of married persons by listing in a spouse's file that the information is contained in the other spouse's file, provided the information is accessible by use of each spouse's name.
    (5) Transfer of joint account information. A consumer reporting agency shall, upon request, transfer information from joint credit files to an individual credit file regardless of the name in which the information was originally reported.

    read number 5 does this mean that if me and wife have a bad debt i can get them to put it in just my name ?

    would it also mean that my car loan thats in my name only can be put in my wifes name on her credit report ?
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    Re: Re: Re: non pp questions and letter request

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    Re: Re: Re: non pp questions and letter request

    having trouble figuring out this law stuff it appears to me a laymen i guess that there are 2 seperate sections for penaltys, how do i know which to use.


    and it seems to me this is the section that covers the crime of non pp inquiry ?

    but i am having trouble seeing if its even a crime its a little thick in the legal department for me.

    i get the impression out of washington state law that all they got to do is say they intendend to use the info for a business transaction. ARGH

    someone for the love of god trasnlate this stuff for me so i don't end up writing a letter and sounding like a bafoon please.

    anyone want a cut of the first inquiry tht pays ????? ;-)
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    Re: Re: Re: non pp questions and letter request

    jsut one mroe shot at finding someone that can write a page 2 to a FCRA letter that includes my state laws.

    willing to cut you a share of the first non pp pay off. also if anyone knows why someone at named knewkid would advise that this helps to keep it in small claims court, i would sure liek the answer/

    where do you normally goto court for these violations ?
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    Re: Re: Re: non pp questions and letter request


    Relax and take a deep breath you are beginning to talk to yourself LOL

    First off, I don't know how you found what you found for permissable purpose at that link. I can't get those numbers to show results. Can you copy and paste the section here? Or, tell me how you searched, or a direct link to the page?

    Secondly, do a search on permissable purpose, and you can use my screen name to narrow it down. A while back I went thru this with Home Depot, and documented the whole thing. I believe you will even find some of my letters.

    Thirdly, soft inquiries - if they are not PRM inquiries, they have to follow the same rules as a hard (the FCRA does not distinguish between hards and softs). On EQ they will have a PRM before them, on TU, they are in a separate section, on Experian, you get to call them because they don't distinguish.

    Fourthly - I'm no attorney, but if memory serves me correctly, you get to pick between state and federal, whichever is more favorable to you, the consumer.

    Fifthly - I dunno, I forgot all your questions :)
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    Re: Re: Re: Re: non pp questions and letter request

    Hideous - I answered your request in the following thread. by the way I don't take credit cards :) hahahahahha
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    Re: Re: Re: Re: non pp questions and letter request


    you click this link

    then click the box that says RCW which stands for revised code of washington.

    then put any of these into the search box


    or for the whole section


    or jsut 19

    i can't tell which is the penalty for breaking the non PP law and i don't know what part of the law to add to the FCRA letter i will prolly use from christine thats located at in the database section.

    thansk for the reply

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