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  1. Janice

    Janice Guest

    I do not have a retail card. I have just under 12 months new credit. Is Nordstroms the way to go. No BK's either.
  2. mj

    mj Well-Known Member

    Do you shop there? Does the rewards program work for you?

    It's really simple - only take cards that give you (hopefully) more than you give them.

    Example - I pay off my Macy's card (Pres. Club Visa) just about every month, but by using it a lot, I get free alterations, 3% reward certificates (6% on some days) + 1% back when I use it as a regular Visa. That all added up to about $400 worth of "benefit" (about $180 in alterations, $220 in reward coupons) to me in the last year. I revolved twice, and paid $20 or so in finance charges. I come out ahead, so it's a good deal.

    Some retail cards I know of with reward programs-

    Nordstrom (1% back on store account, 2% on Visa)
    Federated (3% back on store accounts, 1% back on Visa - Bloomies, Macy's, Rich's, Lazarus, The Bon, Goldsmith's, Burdines)
    Sears (up to 3% back on store account, ?? for MasterCard)
    Field's ($20 back for every $500 you spend)
    Carson's ($20 back for every $500 you spend)

    Good luck-
  3. ShyGuy

    ShyGuy Well-Known Member

    Depending on where you live, different retail cards are easier to get than others. Where I live, it's Macy's. I haven't tried after my BK, but it was the first credit card my wife was able to get. She showed her Visa check card (debit card) and an out-of-state learners permit (she's a relatively recent immigrant) and was approved.

    At the time, shw was only give a $100 limit, but since than she has received retail cards from Victoria's Secret, Nordstorm and Chadwick's and an LLBean Visa from MBNA. And Macy's raised her limit to $800 at the holidays -- about six months after she orginally got her card.

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