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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by GVieve, Aug 11, 2003.

  1. GVieve

    GVieve Well-Known Member

    I've sent certified mail to this company and they refused the mail. How can I get validation from them if they refuse my certified mail?

    GEORGE Well-Known Member

    DON'T OPEN IT...leave it as will need it for SMALL CLAIMS COURT...

    You can get them for WILLFULL NON-COMPLIANCE

    Buy refusing your mail...they have given you a point to your side (towards a WIN)
  3. Flyingifr

    Flyingifr Well-Known Member

    There is a long-standing principle in law that "deliberate ignorance and positive knowledge are equally culpable." (United States v. Jewell, 532 F2d 697, 1976).

    What this means is that by refusing certifie dmail, they have not relieved themselves of the consequences of the contents of that letter.

    Just act like they got the letter and proceed. Save the unopened letter as evidence.

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