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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by dogman, Feb 17, 2001.

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    Hey all - I am not getting a dime for this - but - once in a while a software program
    comes up that is friggin WORTH $24!!

    I have just downloaded/installed this memory program. MAN - my 128K RAM ROLLS! Twice as fast on multitasking functions...
    I have on Napster, uploading, downloading, Hoyle 3D Casino, and doing this message now.
    I bet anyone who installs this will be friggin THRILLED! I am.

    Ingenious little program. Continously frees up cache memory - works with all windows.
    Check it out if you think you want your machine to ROLL! Like supercharging your PC!

    I got this because I have Macafee virus software on my Dell. This was an AD on the virus update website.

    You all didn't know this but DogmanDJ can put together some crisp dance and jazz discs off of my high-definition satellite dish - I tune in the kewl digital sounds, the title and artist come up. BOOM - if I dig it, I search Napster, find it and download it. Then burn it!

    I love this stuff! Oh, for the credit tie-in, I used AMEX to but the memory program :)

    cya Dog
    Saar - I know you'd dig this!
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    RE: Not an AD! But - this soft


    I love to play interactive games on my computer. These games are played with several players from around the world! LIVE!

    Here lately my computer gets sluggish before I can finish a game. Often I get disconnected. Will this software help?

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