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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Angel, Jun 4, 2000.

  1. Angel

    Angel Guest

    I have a providian credit card , me and my husband filed bankruptchy about 2 yrs ago, because of extensive medical problems bills added up. Then providian sent us a card now I am fixing to be a single mother of 3 with low income and the cards in my name, what will they do to me if I stop paying will I goto jail ,has anyone ever done this..I need help thank you for all your imput...
  2. lena

    lena Well-Known Member

    Hello Angel, I'm sorry to hear of your situation. No, you will not go to jail. If you can't make the payments the account will be charged off. Have you spoken with anyone at Providian to see if they can set up some type of payment plan for you? From the posts on this board I don't know if they'll be willing to work with you. It's worth a shot though. Good Luck!!!
  3. spyguyjim

    spyguyjim Guest

    No, debtor's prison is a thing of the past. You can expect a flurry of phone calls and letters for about a year and a half, then it will all stop. The bad credit listing will remain a part of your credit file for seven years from date it was listed.

    I defaulted on a Providian card about two years ago, and am only now negotiaing a settlement. If you wait until the second collection agency, most likely FNCB, contacts you, they will send you a 60% settlement letter after about two months in their office. They have thousands of Providan accounts and won't waste a lot of time on yours.
  4. JP

    JP Guest

    I'm really sorry to hear about your situation, but I would suggest calling Providian to see if they can work something out with you (I doubt if they can, but others like Discover, Citibank and Capital have debt management plans available) so its at least worth a try. If we're talking about making a $20-$50 minimum payment, do your best to make it. Clip coupons, shop and spend wisely and hopefully things will look up.

  5. BOB

    BOB Guest

    Angel, I too am sorry to here of your situation.
    Call providian and close your account and tell them your situation, and that you would like to set up a repayment plan you can afford. But don't worry you will never go to jail over this, if your sincere they may help you.
  6. Hubert  X

    Hubert X Guest

    Angel, I truly sympathize with your situation. No, you will not go to jail, and the possibility of any court action at all is remote at best. It is far more important to pay your rent and your taxes than your inflated Providian finance charges.
    This is just an offhand suggestion, but you could try contacting someone who owns Providian stock. Anyone who is making so much money from your misery should be able to kick in a few bucks.
  7. bg

    bg Guest

    Hey HubertX, so let me get this straight.
    If I have stock in Capitol-One and say you for instance have an unforseen disaster in
    your life and can't pay your bill, I'm supposed to chip in to help you out. I feel really bad for Angel, but taking a shot at Doris is not going to help her. I have stock
    in Ford, but I can't pitch-in and help everyone who loses their job and can't make their car payment.
  8. Darlene

    Darlene Guest

    if the debt collectors do start calling your house, do yourself a favor put it in writing for all coresponding be done in writing through the postal system and no more phone calls or you will get swamped with calls. This is not a quote but what I have been told is as long as you are sending them something each month and not trying to charge more on the card they wont report you to the credit company and most creditors would rather work with you to pay the balance in full instead of them having to pay a debt collector to get the money from you. Something is better than nothing so do your best. And like I said write them to not call your house, it has to be in writing or they can call you everyday. I know I just went through it, we owed $1414 and paid all of it but $150 which I promised to pay in May and the lady still called me 7 times before they got the letter from me saying not to call and then once again after they got the letter and as promised in May I paid the account off.. YAHH me...Sorry for babbling and any misspelled words.
  9. spyguyjim

    spyguyjim Guest

    Creditors vary on collections

    Actually I know of a major oil company who refuses to set such partial payment plans while accounts are still open and automatically report accounts as "charge-off" after 150 days delinquent.

    They have a very strict "minimum due" policy which amounts to a large percentage of the balance each month. Anything less is considered defaulting.

    Further, they will forward the account to an agency unless they are receiving more than 4% of the balance each month. They will accept about 10% each month to keep the account "in-house" in their recovery department until paid in full. They don't settle and they never remove derogatory info from credit files unless it was their error.

    So, just remember not every creditor handles their collections in the same manner. Some are pretty hard-nosed and, in some cases, downright unfair, even to long-time "Time Honored Customers."

    (Please, please don't make this post into another CCB thread!!)
  10. J. Edgar

    J. Edgar Well-Known Member

    No, you will not go to jail. Quite likely what will happen, as confirmed by Latwanna's report on this very board on 30 May 2000 at 14:34, is that they will kill your puppy.
  11. spyguyjim

    spyguyjim Guest

    Don't forget the spies!! Pssstt, come close, secret, I'm one of them!! ROFL
  12. CardReport

    CardReport Guest

    RE: Creditors vary on collecti

    Would that be Chevron, by any chance?

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  13. Angel

    Angel Guest

    I'm sorry I am what does that mean kill your puppy, and the other message from someone said don't forget the spies I'm one of them . What does this mean? thank you
  14. J. Edgar

    J. Edgar Well-Known Member


    Look at the older messages on the board. Go back to 30 May 2000, at a message thread begun by Latwanna at 14:34 (2:34PM PDT). Evidently Latwanna believed that someone from a collection agency holding an account she hadn't been paying had come to her home and killed her puppy.
  15. spyguyjim

    spyguyjim Guest

    You guessed it, its Chevron!

    Good guess. What is your experience with them?
  16. spyguyjim

    spyguyjim Guest


    We were talking about someone who actually thought creditors sent spies out to people's houses when they defaulted on their accoutns. In in this instance, the woman truly believed they purposely killed her puppy!
  17. Hubert  X

    Hubert X Guest

    Angel, you are a great human being who simply needs to avoid spending on credit. Providian targeted you because of your bankruptcy, since that meant other banks with lower interest rates wouldn't compete for your business.

    You have no need to apologize to anyone for your bankruptcy, or for being blonde either. Blondes are actually the most intelligent people on Planet Earth.
  18. RichGuy

    RichGuy Well-Known Member

    Things that go bump in the night...
  19. Atiyana

    Atiyana Well-Known Member

    Re: RE: not paying credit card are pretty funny bumping a post from 3 years ago!!!
  20. RichGuy

    RichGuy Well-Known Member

    Thank you. I knew someone would enjoy it. :)

    Honestly, I think that some of those posts from 3 years ago are better than what we get thrown at us today.

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