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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Larry, Mar 20, 2001.

  1. Larry

    Larry Guest

    Sorry but this post is very long !!
    On 9/00 I had a car accident. I hit a girl on the rear bumper. I called the police so they could be witnesses, after checking to see if we were both alright, we proceeded to check the damages... surprisingly enough her car suffered not a scratch, my car's left headlight came out. When the cops came they told her she had 10 days to report it, it wasn't her car, it was her company's... we exchanged info and went our separate ways.

    I thought the incident was behind me now (7 months), but on Saturday the 17th I received a CERTIFIED letter from Gab Robins North America, Inc. read the letter below:

    Cleveland, OH

    Mr. Larry XXX

    Re: Our Insured: XXXXXXXXXX
    D/A: 9-1-2000 (I assume this is the day of the accident)
    Our File No. XXXXXXXXX

    Dear Larry:

    Please be advised that Gab Robins NA, Inc., is the third party claims administrator for XXXXXX Corp. I have been assigned to investigate the above-referenced claim.

    After careful investigation, the facts indicate that you are responsible for damage to our insured's vehicle stemming from an automobile accident that took place on 9-1-2000. If you have insurance, please foward (can't spell) this letter onto their attention so that we may recover the monies we have paid to our insured for the damage to our vehicle. If you do not carry insurance, please contact me so that we may arrange payment arrangements for the aforementioned damaged you caused to our insured vehicle.

    I look foward (mistake again!) to hearing from you soon.

    Sincerely, XXXXXXXXXXX

    GAB Robins

    Gee they sound so much like a collection agency! Anyhow, I do not want to get screwed ! what should I do?... I do not want to call them yet for fear that they'll then say I AGREED to pay them. Should I contact my insurance Co. Letter sounds too vague. How much $$$$ did they spent repairing if any? what took them so long to inform me?? If they investigated so throughly, then I am entitled to the results of the investigation... aren't I? I hope they are not planning to pin me down with other damages done to the car after that date. Guys what is the best course of action??

    TIA - Larry -
  2. Momof3

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    Re: Not Re: Credit but need ad

    You did file a police report correct?? If so have that copy handy so you have proof when this occurred, I always thought you had to file within a certain time frame?? Anyway I would call your insurance company I am sure they can tell exactly who to do/not to.

  3. river

    river Well-Known Member

    Re: Not Re: Credit but need ad

    If I were you, I would not have any direct contact with these people.Check them out and see if they are ligit and turn info over to your insurance company. Seems as though,they would have taken this matter to your insurance company in first place.Did you report the accident to your insurance company? It all sounds suspicious for it to have taken this long to settle.Call insurance company to see if they have had any dealings with these folks.You said that there really no damage done.I would sit back and see if you get another letter,but in meantime,find out as much as you can about this companies reputation.
  4. sam

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    Re: Not Re: Credit but need ad

    1. Whenever you are involved in an accident, report it to your insurance company with a day or ELSE. (they may not have to pay for your damages).

    2. Your insurance company has lawyers who work for you. Let them deal with it.

    If you didn't do #1, then you are stupid, its clearly stated in your policy that you must inform the agency of any accident within a certain amount of time.

    3. Its why you have insurance. They pay for mistakes. Damage can sometimes not be noticed until further inspection. If someone even scratched my bumper i'd be getting a new one put on.

    Remember you are at fault for hitting the person.
  5. Larry

    Larry Guest

    Thanks! Is Saar around ??

    I did not file a police report because there were no damages. I didn't contact my insurance Co. either. Right now I am getting statement re-prints from my phone Co., since I placed the 911 call, that will tell me the exact date and time the accident took place. When the cops arrived at the scene, they didn't even do a thing... how can I get my hands on a copy of their report?? I dispose of the info we exchanged as the new year rolled in, thinking the incident was over with. My next step will be to research this Gab Robins claims administrator. If they are legit, I'll contact my insurance Co. asap.
  6. Larry

    Larry Guest


    Thanks for the stupid remark.

    I guess that happens to me for being a 1st time driver with a yr experience under my belt and had no clue on insurance policies or having read the terms so poorly.

    Now that we are over the stereotypes can you give me some advise?? Thanks.
  7. Momof3

    Momof3 Well-Known Member

    Re: Sam

    Calling somebody stupid is very RUDE!!
  8. Desdemona

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    If what the woman said is true and the car was her companyâ??s then it could be managed by a fleet company, which would explain Gab Robins North American. It sounds like the woman never got the police report and now has to deal with her company.

    Did you get ticketed for this accident? If you were not ticketed, do not claim any fault in the accident. In the state of Michigan if you are rear-ended the fault lies with the motorist who failed to stop in a safe manner. But that is in the state of Michigan. Michigan is a no-fault state. That means my insurance company pays for my damages, and the other motoristâ??s insurance company pays for theirs. I take it you did not claim the damage to your car to your insurance company?

    If you have an insurance agent call them first before you make any claims, your agent can tell you what your options are. Including SOL on filing an insurance claim against this accident. By all means get copies of any police reports or incident reports. If no reports where filed ask for the incident report, the police office should had noted what damage was done to both cars at the time of the accident.

    Do not contact Gab Robins, have all communications go through your insurance company and or agent. This is why we have auto insurance. Remember do not claim any fault in the accident unless you were ticketed.
  9. carl

    carl Guest

    Re: Sam

    I wouldn't have reported it either. I still won't . Reporting an accident with no damage would
    only "red flag" your insurance . Who wants an accident listed on their insurance?

    I would not contact Robins, but I would do some research.
    Also do you know what the statute of limitations is for reporting damage (not injury)? You
    should be able to get that info from any insurance company.
    If Robins calls you, don't take the phone.
  10. sam

    sam Well-Known Member

    Re: You dont get it.

    If you don't report the accident within a certain time period you're insurance company can refuse payment. In most states, you are liable for any damage for up to 12 months resulting from an accident. The lady can sue your butt for pain and suffering, your insurance can deny payment, then it goes to court. Your insurance company can also drop you for not following the rules. Negligence is no excuse for the law and rules.

    Call ur insurance company now,explain the accident, hand over the police reports to them, let them take care of it. Hopefully they won't have a hissy fit.

    There are Many rules that you must abide with your insurance, and i strongly suggest if you haven't consulted the policy terms, you do. I'm telling you this because i've seen this particular incident go full out with a close friend.

    they didn't report it, the other person came back with a suit for damages and pain and suffering, insurance didnt cover it because the policy guidelines were not followed, they were sued for over $20,000 for a minor accident.

    Seriously. I could care less about your insurance , im trying to help you by telling you exactly what to do. Otherwise i suggest you hire a good lawyer, and the other insurance company will sue you, and the third party might sue you.
  11. breeze

    breeze Well-Known Member

    Re: Sam

    Generally speaking, it is better to tell your insurance company about this type of accident, even though there was no damage. They can protect themselves (and you) against just this sort of thing, by sending an inspector to *verify* that there is no damage. It does not "red flag" your insurance policy unless there are already other things on your record, like DUI or reckless driving.

    What is your state of residence, and the name of your insurance company? I am an agent, and I am licensed in every state. Maybe I can give you more specific advice.

  12. Larry

    Larry Guest

    Re: Ok, I see your point

    Will call my insurance Co. this afternoon. Will provide all info so they can be up-to-date. I didn't claim I was at fault for the accident. Thanks everyone !
  13. Larry

    Larry Guest

    Re: Linda

  14. breeze

    breeze Well-Known Member

    Re: Linda

    OK, that's pretty good. Some companies are better than others. Call Progressive, tell them the truth. You are young and didn't realize that you should have contacted them, even though there was nodamage to the other car, and no one got a ticket. Offer to get the police reports for them, etc. Unless NY office is different than VA, they will help you out. I don't think anybody is going to pay a claim on this one, really, but who knows. Progressive will ask to tape your statement, don't let it scare you - it's procedure.

    If your record with them is good so far, I don't think you need to worry. A lot depends on details like that. It really doesn't make any sense for someone to file a claim this long after the accident, fleet or no. Something is fishy about it, IMHO.

    Do not talk to the other guys at all, don't even give them the name of your insurance company. If this claim was really filed at the time of the accident, they would *have* all the info. I suspect there has been more damage done to the vehicle (like hitting a parked vehicle or something else stationary), and someone (the driver) is looking to pin the damage on you.

    Let me know what happens.

  15. Larry

    Larry Guest

    Re: Linda

    Yes, it smells like a big rotten fish ! They should have contacted my insurance Co. since they had my info.
  16. breeze

    breeze Well-Known Member

    Re: Linda

    Well, they will have a big surprise, if that really is the case. The last investigators they want to tangle with are Progressive's insurance investigators. Or any insurance company's - they are hard to fool.
  17. Marypc

    Marypc Well-Known Member

    I work for an insur., co.

    Sam, be careful regarding the statements you make. Insurance companies are not all alike, and they do not all adhere to the same policies. If I had a dime for every claim that comes in from someone months after the fact, I wouldnt be on this board cause I'd have paid all my debt twice over :)

    If you have paid your premiums, you are still a customer, and one they want to keep as an insured. They are strict guidelines in place that govern how and why you can terminate someone, and one at fault accident is no longer a reason to drop someone. On top of that, companies are getting more competitive all the time.

    This other person has to prove that you did the damage she is alleging. If you have no police report, she will have to come up with some heavy duty proof that you are at fault. Call your insurance company and absolutely do not speak to the entity that wrote you. An insurance adjustor can guide you accordingly, and will also make contact with the people who wrote your letter. They may even be familiar with them already (I know I see the same names and companies over and over again.)

    It seems to me that this company's real beef is with the insuror of the other vehicle, not you. As third party admins., they didnt really do their job if they are just coming to you now. If no damage was done, they are trying to make you pay for a low impact or no damage claim, or else the other driver did some damage on her own, possibly, and is trying to claim it from you. Either way, her not having reported it to her company and not getting a police report makes her look just as bad, and there are defenses your company can use to get around that.

    Also, I have never heard, (at least at the company I work for) that there is a year time limit within which to report a claim. I am highly suspicious of any company that offers to make a "payment arrangement" with anyone when it comes to an accident. I also cannot believe that they think you will accept their blanket statement that you are at fault. Dont they think you or your adjustor is going to demand proof? I would say the other driver is desperate to get the blame placed anywhere besides herself, and you are the target...I think Breeze gave you great advice, and if you contact your company and let them deal with it, you will be okay. Remember, they have to prove you are in the wrong and liable, and they have to prove their damage amount. Since they waited this long, and your company hasnt had a chance to assess the damage, they are in a precarious position as it is. I think you will come out okay.

    PS, a scratch on a damage may cause someone to demand a new one, doesnt mean an insurance company will pay for it.
  18. breeze

    breeze Well-Known Member

    Great post Marypc

    Another reason people should shop for more than rates!!

    Ooops! this is not an insurance board. <G>


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