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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by debbie, Sep 27, 2000.

  1. debbie

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    Some of you might remember (Michael) that I applied for Optima a few days back and got a denial, even though my credit is in the 700 range. Well, that score is with Equifax. I just found out that my Experain (Amex pulled this one) report has a collection from Cox Cable Company, on a $91 balance that was paid in full. My husband is in the Coast Guard and we got transfered from VA to Miami in 4/99. I had to move in a weeks time, we didn't even know where we were going to live here in Miami. I thought I was going to receive a final bill since I was able to put a friends address as a forwarding in my post office in VA. I received all my final bills fine (light, gas, ect.) but never heard from these people until July, someone calling from a collection agency. I paid the lady right then and there over the phone with a check. She told me that not to worry, that this was not going to affect my credit, since they found me so quickly and I paid with no problems. I called Cox Cable and told them that I wanted the negative item removed from my report, but a very rude lady from collections said that the info was accurate and she couldn't do anything for me, that that's what I got for not paying my bills on time! She almost made me cry!

    I don't want any special treatment, but being a Military family is not easy, and having to move every two years and start over everytime, should be taken into consideration
    So if I would've igonored to pay, and decided to pay a year later, I still would have the same info. reported even though I paid immediatley. I don't think that's fair. Any one have any suggestions. Maybe talk to the Collections manager of this cable company? Put a note in my report?

    I feel so frustrated, that after I finally get my credit to what it is today and have these people put such an injust blemish on it, really is sad. Sorry to be such a cry baby, but is really hard to accept. I've seen people on this board say they got collections deleted from there reports. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


    PS. AMEX Rep told me if I faxed over a corrected report with this item deleted I wouldn't have any promblem getting the card.
  2. Killer

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    Dispute this item with Experian. Say that you paid all balance BEFORE the account went to collections and paid the original creditor. Or you can say that the balance that was owed was incorrect. More than likely the creditor nor collection agency will respond since this is a paid debt. Then the item will be deleted.
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    You need to find out the name of the head of the collections agency, and tell them in writing that the account was never delinquent, as they have stated on your credit report, because you were not given a bill for the fee. A bill can't be delinquent if the original creditor fails to send you a bill. Ask them politely to remove the item.

    If they don't, then threaten to sue for libel.

    If they don't remove it, sue them for libel in Small Claims court.

    I filed a lawsuit against a collection agency for a $13 item (a video late fee) for which three bills were sent to the wrong address. The collections people were rude and stupid. The manager sure did an about face when he got the summons via certified mail from the court. Deleted it at once.
  4. Michael

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    Good for you Pat!

    I've recomended this to others also court summons work magic.

    However I think a letter to the president of Cox Cable could also work some magic if you sprinkle it with a heavy does of patrotisim, and military duty to protect civilians like him phrases! Who knows he might be ex military himself, or find out someone (High Up) at Cox who was, and play on there been there done that memories of transfer at short notice.

    Hey shouldn't the military have a liason officer to help transferee's and problems like this???
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    You might have some leverage on the address situation. You said you put a forwarding address in with the post office. Did you ever contact Cox cable and give them your forwarding address (or the friends address)? If not, then you wouldn't have much ground to stand on since it would ultimately be your responsiblity to notify them of any address changes. If so, then you would have some evidence of not receiving any bills.

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