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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by fixinitup, Aug 10, 2003.

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    Ok, I have a question about student loans, here is the situation....I disputed over the internet, ( I usually do it in the mail crrr, I disputed on internet on impulse and now I am paying for it) I disputed that the current student loan that we are paying "was never late" to get it to reflect good status, the loan was deferred for awhile last year and we caught up with it now, well it has been almost a year now that we have been paying on time, well I got a letter in the mail from the CRA and it now says "updated" and verified 7/03 next to student loan and guess what it says? it says we are over $500 behind in payments, now it looks worse! And it isnt true! What the hell did they do? Was it the fault of Sallie Mae or the CRA? How in the world do I correct that? Should I call Sallie Mae and explain this and to what person exactly ( customer service or ??) Or should I call CRA and talk to someone? Someone really screwed me now on this account and I am lost on what to do, can someone help? Thanks
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    Also, I called Sallie Mae and they were closed so I got a recording and I listened to the account info and the amount is now saying we owe over $1000 more than the statement I just received in the mail? And on the statement it has a space that says "amount owed" and "amount behind" and that says $0.00, I dont know who to scream at about this, Ahhhh, this is frustrating!! Thanks for any advice

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    Call MONDAY 8am

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