NSF fees for unauth charges

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by hsimpson, Aug 10, 2003.

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    I hate Wells Fargo. The only reasons I have an account there is that it's free, over ten years old and their ATMs are everywhere.

    That said, I seldom use the account. My only remaining withdrawal is a once a month for dialup service. I had that switched to another account of mine, but it went through on the Wells Fargo unexpectedly early last week. Then Privacy Guard hit me for $89.99 because they say I didn't decline the service when I bought a $10 credit report. The balance is now negative fifty something bucks.

    Wells Fargo originally said they would refund the NSF charge on the Dialup if it was reversed. It was and they have not. They said Privacy Guard would be responsible for the other NSF charge. When I called PG, the woman there told me they wouldn't refund anything but $89.99, while she kept trying to sell me more crap that I "need."

    Anybody know what I should do next? I want to be a complete pain in the ass to PG and WF. I'm in TX.

    GEORGE Well-Known Member

    You MUST be made "WHOLE"

    The companies made the MISTAKES...you didn't...other than you should really ALWAYS have more than $200 in the account...

    My bank lets me go down to $1.00...but I have a $500 min in my head...

    "IF" the companies don't PAY IT ALL BACK and the bank won't do anything...I GUESS IT IS YOUR LOSS...

    You can always close the account and GO...(after it is at $0.00)

    F.Y.I.~~it is not really the banks fault...
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    The banks make their money on "free" accounts by charging rediculously high NSF fees and other charges.

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