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    Here I am.........again. I've spent the past 5 hours reading the postings on this board trying to understand. Although a bit confused, and not much more computer savy, I will not give up. Eventually, I will win!!
    The next "newbie question" is -
    "What's a "nutcase"?
  2. zumwald1

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    I have not used it personally but it is a letter to send out to paid OC I belive. If you hit the search button & type in Nutcase you should get alot of threads that will tell you exactly how to use the letter.

    I hope this helps!!!!

    ps. I have been reading pretty steady for a little over a month & some of it is starting to sink in!! Just keep reading, and reading & start formulating a plan for your accounts (that is what I have been doing)!!! I started with disputing some old collections with the CRA (Credit Reporting Agencies) and 3 were deleted first thing and I have sent out goodwill letters on 5 accounts that have been current for awhile but had late payments & so far 3 out of the 5 have come through for me!! Keep reading, it works!!!!


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