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  1. Tiffany

    Tiffany Guest

    What is considered obsolete remarks on your credit report? I am trying to repair my credit report and I find a number of remarks that are old. one 60+ and 90+ late payment, due to living out of the country, but I gave my forwarding address and still didn't receive billing statements. All the credit accounts are paid as agreed and closed by consumer, but still there are negative remarks on my record. Especially the big baddie "repo" in 94', I was a co-signer and I am now legally divorced, I might I add, I have the title to this auto because I paid it off. Can't I get this remark deleted? I wasn't the one that defaulted, he did. I didn't even know about the remark until yesterday. Any answers would be greatly appreciated! THANKS!!
  2. Tiffany

    Tiffany Guest

    Checking for answers for my questions, no response. I am sure there is someone out there that can help....Thanks again
  3. roni

    roni Well-Known Member

    Have you tried disputing the item with the credit bureaus with a certified letter? I ask because you mentioned not being able to find the creditors address.
  4. Tiffany

    Tiffany Guest

    I have their addresses, they can't weasel out of that! When does the remarks become obsolete? I hear 7yrs. Is that true? I don't think it's fair that they leave 60+ and 90+ remarks in my credit record once I've paid the account off and closed it myself. Also that repo remark kills me too! That happened 94'and like I said before, I didn't even know that my ex had a repo (we were married at the time, but seperated,) he never did pay the balance, I did, and thats why I have the title! The good that does......
  5. roni

    roni Well-Known Member

    Listen Tiffany, I assume by your questions that you do not know alot about credit repair. Therefore I am going to try to tell you alot of information to get you out of this mess and then you have to do some reading on your own in case you come across any obstacles. First of all, an paid account from 1994 has a good chance of being deleted from your credit report. Every consumer has the right to dispute information on their credit report. Any information that is inaccurate must be investigated by the credit bureau and the creditor has to verify the debt to the credit bureau within approximately 30 days. If the creditor doesnot verify the debt then the credit bureau will delete the item. There is a very good chance that your creditor will not respond to the debt. Even more so since you were only the cosigner. Since they have their money lots of times they dont bother to verify it. They put this item on your report many years ago. You must come up with a good reason for dispute. You being the cosigner only is not a good reason. Sorry. You are still legally responsible for the debt as the cosigner. Use a reason like "this is not my debt,(which is actually kind of true) and I never heard of this company." Do not offer too much information. That is all I will offer now. If you have any questions, I and others are here. Good Luck!
  6. Michael

    Michael Guest

    Tiffany, you must understand that 90% of a credit report is to let new people know how you pay your accounts, whether they are closed or open it's how you paid them!

    Now since you were out of the country, I would recomend that you ask those creditors to reverse the late reporting especially the 60 day lates.

    As for the car loan if you can't dispute it you could at least force the c.b. to add the information it was a cosigned loan, and you can add a consumer statement to explain the circumstances.
  7. Tiffany

    Tiffany Guest

    Thanks for the answers from both Roni and Michael! I'll try and see what happens. Appreciate it!
  8. Pat

    Pat Guest

    It will be deleted after 7 years (ie in 2001) anyway.
  9. roni

    roni Well-Known Member

    That why she has even a better chance of getting it off now. I read that the credit bureau may even look at a dispute that is 6 months due to come off and will just delete the damn thing anyway.

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