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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by joe, Apr 6, 2000.

  1. joe

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    When you apply for a home loan, do banks go back further than 7 years on your credit application? Also, what carries more weight with banks, have a good payment history on a automobile loan, or a credit card??? FYI my automobile loan is with a sub prime lending company (First City Auto) will this look bad on my credit report? Any thoughts appreciated...

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    I just got my mortage and I had a repossed car, a bunch of collections and 3 good lines of credit. I had NO PROBLEM!! The only thing I had to do was pay off my collections and my repossesion! I went with CTX mortgage corporation. I built my house with their sister company Centex. I did a 30 year conventional loan everything went really smooth. I close in 49 days on my brand new house!! Good Luck Joe!!
  3. Eric

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    You should check your credit reports to make sure that your auto loan lender is actually reporting you account. Many sub-primer lenders don't.

    I had to take out a note with a sub-prime bank while I waited for some stuff to clear off my credit report. I made perfect payments for four months to Superior Bank that was never reported to the CRAs.

    Fortunately, I was re-financing with a prime bank anyway, but that's four months of good history on an installment loan down the drain.
  4. joe

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    Thanks for the info

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