OC will not honor validation...

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by spinners, Sep 23, 2003.

  1. spinners

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    without a letter with my signature. I indicated in my correspondence to them over 30 days ago that I was a victim of ID theft and wanted validation that this debt was mine. They responded that they are in possession of a signed contract, invoices and a payment and would not send without my signature.

    Is it mandatory to have a validation signed? Also, with computer technology, I am not comfortable sending my signature because of scanning capabilities.

    I would appreciate any thoughts on this matter. Thanks
  2. jlynn

    jlynn Well-Known Member

    Well,,, since you claimed ID theft, it could be said they are protecting someone (their a$$) before they send out any more information.

    What I have done, and others may disagree-- I sign everything in my normal signature except, I may draw a line thru part of it, dot the i with a bubble dot rather than a regular dot, make an xtra long tail on the J, etc. It would. Something that if they try and "plant" my sig onto something it is easily recognizable, but may look like a slip of the pen to them.

    BTW - the OC does not even have to validate per the FDCPA :(
  3. spinners

    spinners New Member

    Thanks for your response. I live in California and I do believe that I've read that they are bound by the CA-FDCPA and have to validate a dispute. Please correct me if I am incorrect. Thanks again :)
  4. lbrown59

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    Re: Re: OC will not honor validation...

    U R Rite.
  5. sassyinaz

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    Re: Re: OC will not honor validation...

    OC's are bound by the FDCPA in California, and in a whole lot of other states as well, HOWEVER, they are exempted from the validation requirements.

    So, ask for "verification" under the FCRA provisions, Section 623, responsibilities of furnishers instead.

  6. gmaof1

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    Re: Re: OC will not honor validation...

    I sent validation to OC in California. They did not respond, yet the CA continued reporting it. I then sent a estoppel letter to OC. Still haven't heard anything. Are they breaking laws?
  7. jam237

    jam237 Well-Known Member

    Re: Re: OC will not honor validation...

    You don't Validate the OC, you Validate the CA.

    The CA is the only one which is required under the FDCPA to provide Validation.

    The OC is required to VERIFY the account with the CRAs.

    Ask the CA to validate requiring everything including the kitchen sink, signed application, statements, invoices, etc, everything that you can think of.

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