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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by annoyed, Sep 30, 2003.

  1. annoyed

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    Ok, I have an old debt, its been passed from CA to CA. I'm getting ready to send yet another validation letter to the "current" CA.

    Here's my problem: The CA has my maiden name on the letter/account. I have recently been married. Should I use my maiden name or my married name on the validation letter? I'm leaning toward my maiden name, because I don't want them getting my married name. On the other hand, if I use my maiden name they could "verify" with the CRB and I can't say 'that's not me' correct?

    BTW there is no reference to my maiden name on my credit reports any longer (at least as of the first of this month)
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    I dont have an answer to your question but I am subscribing because I am wondering the exact same thing!
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    Get all maiden names of CRA's as fast as you can. Send validation in Maiden name. After a while you can dispute as "not mine" for maiden name accounts. I've lost a couple of TL's this way. If I'm wrong, someone will correct me.

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