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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by misterman, Sep 17, 2008.

  1. misterman

    misterman Active Member

    I sent a letter to RJM (the CA) basically saying I'd pay the small debts (2) if they removed them from my credit report. I made it clear that they weren't mine but that I'd pay them cause they were small if they got it off my credit report ASAP.

    They sent me back a letter saying this.

    "RJM is the owner of the above referenced account"

    Based upon a review of the account, RJM is pleased to accept the sum of **.** in full satisfaction of the above referenced account.

    Please pay by such and such a date.

    Upon reciept and clearence of **.**, this account will be satisfied in full, and as per your specific request, RJM will REQUEST OUR REPORTING OF THIS ACCOUNT BE DELETED FROM YOUR CREDIT REPORT.

    Please enlose the bottom portion... yada yada."

    I just want to make sure that this is legit and that I can go ahead and send them a check.

    Thanks in advance for any advice.

  2. freshcredi

    freshcredi Member

    No way

    I would never send money to someone saying "I will request deletion". I would make them say "RJM WILL DELETE......".

  3. greg1045

    greg1045 Well-Known Member

    Instead of sending them a personal check, send them a money order.
  4. misterman

    misterman Active Member

    So should I just go ahead and pay them with a money order or should I also do what FreshCredi says too?

    Thanks for your help.
  5. greg1045

    greg1045 Well-Known Member

    FreshCredi is right. Always get everything in writing before paying even a penny.
  6. flacorps

    flacorps Well-Known Member

    RJM has full control ... they can do a bullseye on e-Oscar and the account will be gone.
    That being said, their request is tantamount to a command, but of course they've left themselves an apparent escape hatch, haven't they? But RJM is hardly going to be audited by the big three and denied access to the CRA system for doing too many deletes. They're too big and too profitable a customer.

    As a lawyer, I seldom recommend taking any apparent deal that has any potential hole in the language that underpins it.

    But in this case I think the letter you got is about the best you're gonna do, and if it doesn't disappear, you would have something to take to the FTC that they might actually take some action on.

    Send the money order.

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