OK, I just tried worthknowing.

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by molly, Nov 20, 2000.

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    I saw that you guys diplayed your scores a couple of pages back so I thought I would give it a shot. My score is 5. That report is so incaccurate. First of all they say my last 90 day late was 30 days ago. I haven't had any lates since 7-98. And it says I only have 6 tradelines, I guess the new ones haven't appeared yet. And the balances are about 4 months old. The only good thing I did see is a negative item fell off my report. A charge off!!! I noticed the same one fell off my experian report so, I think that may be accurate. It was from Mervyns. I also have the Target card so, I wrote them a letter a few months ago, I guess it worked. It was a paid charge off. That leaves 3 negatives on Trans. That is only the Trans report right? Sorry I am rambling.
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    RE: OK, I just tried worthknow

    me too 5.

    that service sucks, its report is not accurate to the credit bureaus. and it offered me a 120% security deposit card, where as i have a $4K Citis, $800+3 cap 1 secured ($99), and aria unsecured.

    what a waste of time.

    Perhaps they need to re-think their business model to include us rebuilders, and give us a little more credit than 5.
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    RE: OK, I just tried worthknow

    Me Too. Here's results:
    A 5 for me too!
    Seen 2 Hospital collections there.
    Did not know they existed.
    Insurance must have claimed towards deductabile.
    Wonder why they did not contact me?
    I am paying on a bill there now and no mention of the other 2.
    If I pay them can I get this removed from report?
    I also have a Spiegel account showing 0 balance but as closed. This account is active
    at least according to Spiegel.
    Two Credit Cards show a higher limit than what they actually are.
    Is this considered accurate reporting?reporting.

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