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  1. Robin

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    I live in the state of florida, whoever asked the quetion. Further more, I know that it is standard for banks to do somekind of
    background check, but you really need to go and change the compass bank and some of the federal credit union banks that you have listed on the "good banks". If they all do background checks than why are you putting "they have nothing to do with the chexsystem" because they do. I don't mean to sound rude but, I don't understand how people with bankruptcy's and bad credit, I mean real bad, get credit cards. And everyone like me with bad credit,but do have a good loan paid off and no bankruptcy's the only thing I have to hold me back from a bank account is an insufficient fund of $20.00 that was paid,I can't get anywhere. It's frustrating, when no banks will look at you. Someone please help me comprehend.
    Thank you.
  2. kim

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    I know that you're frustrated. Have you tried one of the suggested online banks, like TD Waterhouse (i think that was one).

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