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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by annie, Oct 4, 2001.

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    I have had it! I have tried to get cards and e nice about correcting my credit errors! All I keep getting is a big stff Woody, in other words NO! and some instances HELL NO! The bottom came for me when Target told me I had a BK, I said I never had one, then she said she wasn't going to discuss anything with, just get my reports. I don't want much, just a Citi Card, any will do and a Target card. I do have some negs showing and have had some removed. Here are my questions:

    When I go in to dipsute negs, can I dispute Each and Everyone of them?
    If I dispute them all, when can I start applying?

    What cards would I most likley get while in dispute status?

    I tried it the nice way and Now I am ready to try it the CREDITNET way! Come on experts, help me out. I am not aiming for LizardKing status, but dang it, at least a Target card!


    THE MAN'S FOOT is on my neck today!
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    First of all relax, most of us that participate with this forum have been where you are. I would dispute all negatives, listed on all three credit reports. Depending on how many negatives you have, I would include several on one dispute. After disputing, ask the CRA's for procedures used to verify, meaning names, addresses, phone numbers, ect. The law states they have 15 days to get this information to you. This will tip you off if they actually verified the information or just out right lied to you.

    I don't want to metion names but TU will blatantly lie to you. Thats how I got my TU report completly clean. They lied and told me they verified things that they didn't. When I asked for proceedures used, they wanted to reverify, I told them "nope" I want proceedures used to verify the tradelines in dispute. They removed about 8 negative tradelines, which completely cleand my TU credit file. My TU score is 732, perfect no derogs at all.

    Experian is the most inept of the three. I think I have had so many problems because I have to deal with the local affilate. I find it almost impossible to get anything removed from Experian. Because where I live, I can't break the sub-prime glass ceiling. Every major credit card issuer seems to pull Experian for me. Citi, Chase, MBNA, Universal, BoA, pulled Experian only, thus a denial for me. My credit score is 600. The good thing is I have been able to get all of their inquiries removed via online disputes.

    Equifax was the easiest for me. Everything I disputed, they removed. It took me about 6 months to completely clean. I sent them 4 disputes at one time. They sent me an updated report with all the negatives deleted after 30 days. My beacon today, is 701, perfect no derogs or lates.

    The best thing to do is sit down with all three reports and devise a plan. Read, reread, and ask questions, and get busy disputing.

    While disputing I would get a cap one and fcnb secured. It is something and will allow you to rebuild. Thats just my 2 cents. HOpe this helps and good luck
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    Thank you. This does help. I have been just trying to dispute the truly problem negs, but I see I am going to have to go after all of them. Next question, after something comes back verified, can I re-dispute it?


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    You can dispute until they tell you that your disputes are frivolous and have already been verified or give you some other silly excuse such as you can't dispute any given item more than 3 times. Whatever. They use different excuses to tell you they are not going to let you dispute them anymore.

    Then you have to quit spamming them and do it another way.

    You can most likely expect to get about 40 to 50 percent of the negatives off before they start telling you to go jump in the lake. That's apparently about average
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    ANNIE get your GUN

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