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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Barry N, Mar 15, 2000.

  1. Barry N

    Barry N Guest


    I purposely stopped posting on the old bbs when every other post seemed to be a personal attack against many of the regulars there including myself. I am however pleased to know that you are at least making an attempt to have some control over identifying the origins of the posts. This may help deter the frivilous postings by those not really interested in helping others.

    Many of the attacks were getting "slanderous" in nature, and detracted immensely from the purpose of the forum. CreditNet has always been a high traffic forum and there are thousands of people seeking help with their finances daily visiting the bbs. But the smear campaigns cluttered the old bbs to the extent that a newbie would have thought it a joke to even post a question.

    To the regulars:

    Even though I enjoyed the look and feel of the old bbs, I feel with a committed effort we can all live with this change. There will still be ample opportunity to test the first amendment. I plan to check here daily and to add my 2 cents worth whenever possible. And I hope that others like- Steven Z, J Edgar, Doris, HB, Kristi, Herb, Credit Ranger, Bob R (Hope you are well), JP, Mike D, Mom of 3, MOCaffeen, and countless others, continue to assist those seeking help. Our "missions" in life may be different, but we can at least help the thousands out there reading this bbs not "re-invent the wheel".

    We all have a much to offer. Hope to see ya.


    Barry Noret
    CreditMania.com, Inc.
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    We respond to your questions and make
    no claims that our suggestions will fit
    your exact needs. This is for informational
    purposes only and should never be construed
    as legal advice.
  2. BOB

    BOB Guest

    BARRY, before you put yourself and some of your regulars on a throne with a crown.
    I've seen some of your so called regulars
    put ignorant remarks on the board also.
    Granted most of the time they have good advice, and other times they react like the
    person there answering is big time stupid.
    Your regulars need to understand that some of these people are ignorant about credit,
    how to get it, how to clear up a problem,
    etc. There not experienced like the regulars
    and no matter how stupid the question sounds
    it probably is the only way they know how to ask it. So you and your regulars need to think about it before you answer. I'll
    give you one instance. A woman asked what
    she could do for bad credit, one of your regulars that are suppose to be there to help
    (per your words) answered, Don't pay your
    bills and you will have credit, I left
    there name out but if you need it I have it.
    I also agree there was alot of abuse, and I
    to hope this new site will stop alot of it.
    But don't put you and your regulars on a
    throne yet. Sorry if this pee's you off,
    but I felt it should be stated after reading your message.
  3. J. Edgar

    J. Edgar Well-Known Member


    I agree with Barry's excellent points. Things were getting way out of control on the old board, particularly with the defamatory attacks on Kristie.

    This should be a forum for the open discussion of issues surrounding credit. In fact some of the hot topics on the old board were only tertiarily related to credit. I'm referring to the number messages about X.com. Perhaps another message board devote to discussing on-line banking would be appropriate.

    I hope that people continue to bring their credit-related questions to this board. However they are not going to get much help when they post vague, uninformative things like "I need a credit card." or "Need to repair credit." or mistake this board for the customer service department of a bank or other organization. Perhaps it can be made clear on the 'top' page of the board what this board is and isn't about along with some posting guidelines.
  4. Barry N

    Barry N Guest


    No throne intended. I don't imagine anyone who posts on this board walks on water either. My point was, don't stop posting suggestions, personal experiences, and opinions, just because of the change. And my personal opinion, is if a newbie bops onto this or any board, and finds that there are "regulars" posting in the threads, then they will most likely feel comfortable to ask their questions.

    Believe me BOB, I for one know that just being a regular, does not one an expert make. And I have never seen any of those that I mention claim to be an expert. Whenever I make a suggestion that is way off base, I appreciate an email to point out my errors. I do the same for others. And no BOB, you did not pee me off, lol. I am glad to know how you felt about the "regulars".

    BTW, I agree with J. Edgar. I wish more people would get more specific about their questions. And it would be nice to get CreditNet to explain this is not a credit card service center.

    Should I be the first to start a thread about CreditCorp Gold Card? :)


    Barry Noret
    CreditMania.com, Inc.
    A Unique Personal Finance Portal
    *About our suggestions:
    We respond to your questions and make
    no claims that our suggestions will fit
    your exact needs. This is for informational
    purposes only and should never be construed
    as legal advice.
  5. Steven Z

    Steven Z Guest

    One of the most annoying things concerning the old board was the innumerable persons logging on thinking it was "CREDICORP'S" site , in fact it got so bad at one point last year I beseeched the board owner/moderator to put a disclaimer or or some type of link in bold capitals spelling out that this was a Credit BBS Board. Who knows how many 1000's of unneeded posts from those who believed that it was well literally the customer service department of every single credit organization in America! But they didn't.

    Hopefully, no one will mistake that this time, though if they come here as a result of a search engine and respond to a thread it'll be the same crap all over again.

    I would hope there is an improved search capability so that we can avoid the exact same questions such as "Can a Canadian with bad credit get credit?" or "What is the toll free number for Providian"

    One can only hope
  6. BOB

    BOB Guest

    I feel stupid writing what I did after
    reading your responses. But i agree the other
    board was getting out of hand. That is why
    i very seldom ever joined in or asked a question of importance. Lets hope this one doesn't get to far out of hand. I do think
    we all owe it to the people that are not well
    informed of the banks to stay clear of. I'm
    not referring to any one bank, but you guy's
    know which banks to stay away from. The more you help those people the less traffic on here. And the more respect you will get for
    your answers, and your opinions. People come
    here for help or advice on things that to you are silly and petty but to them It's
    very important. From what I've seen on the other board the regulars do a fantastic
    job most of the time. this will be my
    message on this subject and I bet you guys are thrilled at that. thanks for telling it like it is.
  7. JP

    JP Guest

    Evening all. It will take time to get used to the new look, but oh well I'm flexible. Anyway, looking forward to talking about credit stuff.

  8. creditwork

    creditwork Well-Known Member

    Barry, I am glad you have decided to give this new format a shot. I have enjoyed your posts and consider you an informed individual along with the others you mentioned. I will continue to visit as often as my time allows me. CreditWorks continues to use the unconventional, but successful method of building credit.

  9. Doris K.

    Doris K. Well-Known Member

    I think most of the questions that seem so stupid to some have more to do with inexperience using the internet. I too was one of those idiots at one time.

    The problem lies with using a search engine. An inexperienced user may think that whatever comes up first on a search is the correct site he/she is looking for. Because of the hundreds of posts about Creditcorp, this board will usually be the first return on a search. Therefore, the inexperienced user might assume he/she is at the Creditcorp site and posts accordingly.

    Whatever the case, these posts don't harm anyone, and it wouldn't hurt to reply nicely to these users if you choose to reply at all.
  10. Len

    Len Guest

    Good to see you Doris! Don't you love that New Board Smell?:)
  11. Steven Z

    Steven Z Guest

    Considering this

    "Credit Card Board

    This board is for the discussion of credit cards and credit-related matters."

    is the first thing an individual will see if they come here on a thread they'll be no excuse this time. No?

    Another thing, I'm sure not gonna miss the spamming that was commonplace on the old board. I believe it was the last credit board that did so.
  12. <b>Jim Rad

    <b>Jim Rad Guest

    <b>RE: Old Board Vs New</b>

    <HTML>Barry, and Regulars:

    We do appreciate the comments, suggestions and ideas we get from everyone here.

    All of the things you mentioned will hopefully be partially due to the new board software.

    The main reason we upgraded the discussion board after so many years of using the old one is flexability. With the new board, we are able to rapidly make changes, features, fixes etc. One of the greatest features we believe you will like is the search functionality. Having this feature will prevent the same questions being asked over and over, becaue someone didn't feel like going through the 40K+ messages on the old board.

    Of course the software won't do it all! We've got to police ourselves, and make every effort to refrain from hostility, especially against each other!

    We will shortly be recruiting some moderators from the board, who will have the ability to clean up posts, gently chastise those who are in need of it, and continue to answer questions.

    I speak for everyone at Creditnet when I say we do appreciate the board activity, its often been a pain, but it is a very useful part of our site.

    If anyone has questions, suggestions, criticisms, or praise feel free to post here, Or send email to moderator@creditnet.com, we'll do our best to help!

  13. Indnewssrv

    Indnewssrv Guest

    I agree with Bary that many of us just stopped posting on here because every response was something stupid. I would like to see this board get back to its old roots. Everyone helping everyone else. If you dont like the answer you see..just move on. As for the format of this board...I wish it could be a little different but maybe we just need to get use to it.

  14. This is Ma

    This is Ma Guest

    "One of the greatest features we believe you
    will like is the search functionality. Having this feature
    will prevent the same questions being asked over and over,
    becaue someone didn't feel like going through the 40K+
    messages on the old board."

    *phbttt! Progress. It's their own (damn) fault if they can't use the Find in Page function. Really.
  15. Doris K.

    Doris K. Well-Known Member

    It's good to see you as well, Len! I love the new board smell. As old as I am, I've had to endure so many changes due to progress that I've learned to appreciate them.

    This board could be good place for people to learn to appreciate the new. Those who never learn to accept progress end up like some of my neighbors who are old sticks in the mud, sitting in rocking chairs and doing nothing but thinking of the good old days. If my memory serves me well, those good old days were plagued with depression, recession, and wars. The year 2000 has been my favorite one, so far. Next year, 2001 will be the greatest.
  16. glenn

    glenn Member

    mc is 5000 series
    visa is 4000 series
    amx is 3000 series
    disc is 6000 series

    how would you tell the difference numerically between mc credit and mc debit
    numerically between visa credit and visa debit

  17. HB

    HB Guest


    Thank you for the nice message. I also hope this format will be a little better. As much as I gave advice to others, I've also learned quite a bit about credit and personal finance.

    Thanks again for being a great asset to the board.

    Warm Regards,

  18. lbrown59

    lbrown59 Well-Known Member

    Re: RE: Old Board Vs New

  19. Nestea

    Nestea Well-Known Member

    Re: RE: Old Board Vs New

    I saw this post before, as soon as CN was upgraded, but resisted the urge to bump it.....LOL
  20. lbrown59

    lbrown59 Well-Known Member

    Re: Re: RE: Old Board Vs New

    I guess I just fell into temptation.
    O woe is me



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