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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by kenny, May 12, 2001.

  1. kenny

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    My old gym is trying to take me to collections, again. I joined this gym more than 2 years ago and in the contract it stated that if you move out of the area yuo can void the contract. Well I moved from new york to south carliona. I think that counts. Well anyhow I start getting collection notices once I get back. I call up the agency and tell them what happened, they were very nice I faxed them old pay stubs to show I was out of the area and mail from when I was down there, then they dropped it.

    So now I get home and these guys are now using a law office to try to take me to collections, a different agency all together. Should I do the same thing again, fax them the pay stubs, etc, etc.

  2. Erica

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    Don't fax paystubs!!! Don't ever tell them how much you make. Once they see that you can afford to pay, they will collect harder.

    Do you have copies of old utility bills? If you do, send those. I would also stay away from faxing them a bank statement. That also tells them how much you make.

    I would just write a letter stating that the contract was void since you moved out of state. Send a copy of the contract if you have to, with that part highlighted. This shoud stop it.


    You could write a validation letter.

    Good luck
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    You really need to take care of this. I think health club collections are really the worse. Most of those contracts require you to tell them you moved and you must move to an area that doesnot have one of their facilities. When I moved recently, they wanted a utlity bill or new lease to show where I lived. If you sent it in before and didnot keep copies, that could be a problem. I suggest you send in a copy of anything that verifies address, that could be utility bill as ERica suggested. If you do send in a bank statement, white out acct#'s and balances.

    Even if you get this law firm off you, this may come up again. I would send a very firm letter telling them that they are barking up the wrong tree and that the debt is not yours. Keep everything.
  4. godaddyo

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    Definately send a validation letter and make sure it has a cease and desist contact statement in it. I had a similiar situation with a collection and they couldnt even provide me any proof that I had ever agreed to the contract. Maybe I was lucky, but I would sure follow Ronis' advice and take action right away. They are bottom feeders and they wont go away!
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