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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Becky, Sep 6, 2001.

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    Again I am mystified by this whole CR crap!

    I recieved an updated copy of my Equifax with the investigation results.

    Corrected one, did nothing to the second & shows the third as still being investigated.

    Also showing up is an item with a 1995 LAD that has never been on my report before. I have several files going back 3 years. It isn't on any of them. Did not show on any reports lenders pulled from 3/01-7/01

    Where it came from have not a clue.

    Anyway I decided to try on line disputing.

    Up pops my credit file & there is another item on there. Not a clue what it is.

    It is showing reporting since 6/01.

    This did/has not showed up on the four reports I have gotten. Between 7/13/01 to present.

    So is this something that only the creditor will see or what?

    I disputed it, but really have no idea what I disputed since all it said was the name & date.

    Lost again without a Margarita:(


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