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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by joan, Dec 8, 2000.

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    I have been working on getting my husbands CR cleaned up for 2 years now and after watching these boards have had great success. Out of curiocity, I ordered a copy of my credit report. I have been reluctant for many years as my ex ruined my credit years ago. I was not only suprised that I had accounts listed, as I have not applied for any credit in several years, but suprised that I had 6 entries 5 in excellent standing and one in collection, a utility my ex was supposed to be paying after I left him. Obviously like everything else, It wasn't his so he stopped paying. This bill is from '97
    an is a collection account. I know for a fact that this acct. cannot be verified as I just got 4 deleted from my husbands report. The Util. changed computer systems and cannot verify old accts. Lucky for me. Now here is the clincher. My name is wrong, my address is wrong and whatever happened to my defaulted Fed. student loan? Anyone know what to do with this one? What should I dispute first? I don't want that student loan popping up. Please help if you can.

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