One negative account on my Cr twice.

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by LouR1, Jul 8, 2009.

  1. LouR1

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    I have a situation on my CR that I don't understand. Chase has now acquired Wamu and my account from Wamu now says Chase. That's ok, but here's the problem. Wamu sent my account to a CA called Arrow Financial Services. Arrow Financial is reporting one amount while Chase is reporting another. Here are my questions.

    Q1. Should I pay this account and if so which one do I pay?
    Q2. How can the CA and the OC report for the same account.
    Q3. Why is Chase reporting the original amount but the CA reporting another?
  2. LouR1

    LouR1 Member

    Can anyone help with this?
  3. apexcrsrv

    apexcrsrv Well-Known Member

    Arrow bought the account. They are the only one's you can pay.

    Chase should reflect a zero balance. Arrow will have a balance and typically, an inaccurate date of status/last activity/account type. I would dispute it through the credit reporting agencies before simply paying it.
  4. LouR1

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    Chase shows the original balance that was owed to Wamu. Arrow has the original balance with interest. How can they add interest? Also I just finished a dispute with Experian and Arrow was verified. What's my next step if there reporting the same thing differently.
  5. LouR1

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    Can someone please take a look at this. My 7yrs should be up


    COLUMBUS, OH 43081
    (800) 955-9900 Account Number:

    Address Identification Number:

    Status: Transferred,closed. $3,114 written off.

    Status Details: This item was verified and updated on Jul 2009.

    Date Opened:
    Reported Since:
    Date of Status:
    Last Reported:

    Monthly Payment:

    Credit Limit/Original Amount:
    High Balance:
    Recent Balance:
    Recent Payment:

    Your Statement:

    Completed investigation of FCRA dispute - consumer disagrees.

    Creditor's Statement: Purchased by another lender.

    Account History:
    Charge Off as of Oct 2007, Sep 2007
    150 days past due as of Aug 2007
    120 days past due as of Jul 2007
    90 days past due as of Jun 2007
    60 days past due as of May 2007
    30 days past due as of Apr 2007

    Balance History:
    09/2007 $3,114
    08/2007 $3,028
    08/2007 $2,953
  6. apexcrsrv

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    It says charge off as of 10/2007.

    Focus on Arrow and sue if need be.

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