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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by sm691, Jun 26, 2001.

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    HI! I have recently become a member, and have some questions regarding online disputing and tracking those disputes. I have read through most of the threads that are on this site, and I think that I may be missing some things. I have signed up for the 30 day trials for privista (equifax) and credit expert (experian). I did not sign up with identity guard (TU) due to the negative feedback on this site. Do either of the services allow you to see what items are currently being disputed?? I can go directly to experian website and get the status and start new disputes, so is there another advantage to the credit expert service (other than all of the fancy bells and whistles) when it comes to disputes? As far as privista goes, can you dispute from that site?? Also, if anyone has good feedback for me on the Identiy Guard, then let me know. I am in the 30 free trial for the above two, so I may cancel if I can do the same stuff from thier website for free!!


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