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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by raiderpam, Oct 18, 2001.

  1. raiderpam

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    Hi has anyone had a problem with experian with online disputes, such as once they claim its verified you not able to dispute it online again or is it just a matter of time before you can dispute it online again, Thanks Pam
  2. leo728

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    I don't think that time solves the problem. You could always but the dispute in writing or call them on the phone to initiate a dispute.
  3. bbauer

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    In lots of cases you can dispute again easily if you can come up with a better dispute or a better way to go about the dispute than you had the first time. If you can't do that, then you have little more than an exercise in futility going.

    I suppose there are lots of ways to vary the parameters for them and enable a new dispute reason or method if one would just look for them. I haven't done that because I don't usually dispute anything with the credit bureaus unless there is no other option, but I suspect that I'm likely going to have to learn that too as time goes on for the simple reason that after you have beat up on some collection agency enough times they are going to get sick and tired of losing to the same ploy and will wake up and make sure that we don't have much of any way to beat up on them anymore.

    And once NCO or Gulf States or one of the other big boys gets tired of getting beat up on and cleans up their act so we can't hit on them anymore, they will start spreading the word via Collections World or other such media and we are going to end up with tough sledding. Might not actually ever happen, but we have to look at it from the viewpoint that it will happen because one can never afford to underestimate their enemies. And we are never going to be able to stop fighting and learning as long as people fail to pay their debts for whatever reason nor for as long as injustices occur in our society and that's going to be for as long as we have a society.

    For instance, I've got a lady out in Oregon who had a motion for summary judgement put on her. She went down and answered and demanded trial by jury. And the lawyer demanded arbitration. The judge ruled for arbitration and then got her demand for jury the same day so he had to rule trial by jury.

    She was out learning like a squirrel after acorns when they dismissed the case without prejudice. She learned what that meant from me and now she is really mad. Now she wants to go after them for filing a false and frivolous lawsuit against her or on any and all other grounds she can find to nail them with.

    Really, she has little choice other than to live with the bad rap and take a chance they will come back on her later with another, better built mousetrap. I'll bet that before she gets done with them they will find out they got a real tarbaby on their hands and can't get loose from it.

    And it's the same with the credit bureaus. What we are doing now is just coming up with the same old whine over and over for the most part. And then crying in our beer when it don't work.
    There has to be more and better ways to go at it than that, and I'm betting that given enough time, the people who frequent this board are going to come up with all the better ways to to get the job done.
  4. roni

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    Sure... that is the Experian policy. It's also a clear violation of United States Code 1681i (a.k.a. the Fair Credit Reporting Act) Section 611 (a) (1)which clearly reads "Reinvestigation Required."

    The F.C.R.A. does not place any limits on the number of times a tradeline can be investigated or period between investigations.

    If you want the investigation, send a letter with reference to this section of the FCRA requiring investigation. If you want grounds for a lawsuit, document it whenever they fail to start an investigation.

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