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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Himmel, Feb 27, 2001.

  1. Himmel

    Himmel Guest

    One thing I noticed about paying online is that I'm not allowed to pay beyond my balance. This is both true with Aria and Orchard. My other CC I do not have online access.

    Anyway, there always seems to be a finance charge at month closing. So my closing statement has ~$4-8 of balance. How then can I take advantage of the 25 day grace period if my closing balance is never $0 because of finance charge which I couldn't pay online because it wasn't posted when I pay.

    Does this mean I would have to call the CC Co. and request to pay off the card before each statement closing? That would s**k because I hate to call and be put on hold.

  2. Marie

    Marie Well-Known Member

    Re: Online Payment: Aria &

    Try this. Make a purchase. Pay your bill in full. Let that payment post. Then return the purchase that way you'll get a credit balance. :) This way you could "pay beyond your balance".
  3. bj

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    Re: Online Payment: Aria &

    Some cc's don't go by the closing date, they go by the due date. For Orchard, make sure your online payment posts before the due date, and you pay the balance in full. This is the way to avoid the fin. charge.
  4. sam

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    Re: Online Payment: Aria &

    with aria, when i had the card you can overpay by sequencing two online payments back to back at the same time for two seperate days.

    ie 02/26/01 pay in full balance
    02/27/01 pay the extra fee. It was one of the nice features i liked about aria other than their product itself :)
  5. Eboni

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    Re: Online Payment: Aria &

    What is the point of over paying a credit card? Letting somone hold your money without paying you interest? These are the same people that charge you interest on evrything and fees?

    Am I missing something? Does over paying your credit cards make you prime?

    It seems silly to me
  6. sam

    sam Well-Known Member

    Re: Online Payment: Aria &

    you overpay the monthly fee and it negates the balance to $0. If timed correctly, the few dollars, will certainly make your balance $0 and disrupt any minimum finance charges.
  7. Himmel

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    Re: Online Payment: Aria &

    To Eboni:

    The point of trying to overpay online is so I can get my credit card to go to $0 (or neg) balance (online). I then would have a grace period and would not be charge finance fees for the following month. But since this perpetual cycle of finance charge not showing up after I pay before the due date, showing up on the statement closing, I can never get that balance to go $0, which would entitle me to a grace period on charges for next mo.

    I could take the trouble of calling, but I really dig doing stuff online at my convenience.

    To Sam:

    Hey thanks for the tip! :) I will pay the balance in full, then wait a day and make another payment which I will estimate (this way Eboni the CC Co. will not keep too much of my $money$) the finance charge just slightly over to guaranteed balance beyond $0.

    Sam, I've also been trying to do what you've been doing, using CC to pay most bills, then pay it off every month. Although the Gas&Elec, Water, Mortgage, etc.. do not take CC, I use it pretty much for all my other monthly expenses such as gasoline, food, etc..

    People probably wonder why I bother going to all this trouble and not just go ahead and use a debit card. Well it's purely this: I'm in the hunt for a prime card! Once I get one, I'll drop all 3 I have now which totals $2950.

    Then I'll try to get a retail card, then AMEX blue.
    Then I'll be complete. heh heh :)

    THESE ITEMS REALLY DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Just two days ago, I received an invitation to apply for cash, $5k up to $7500 from CitiFinancials. And they asked me if I had besides CCs, retail, AMEX, and a car loan. I thought it would be nice if I had an extra $5k to put my balance over $10k so I applied. I was approved for $2500, I declined the offer.

    I just got a car loan today for a '98 Frankie Avalon. heh heh. Didn't want a car but I guess this is what lenders want you to have.

    Thanks again for the tip Sam! If you know any lenders who toss out prime cards (besides CITI Bank, I would hate to have my utilization ratio screwed), please let me know.

    Himmel :)

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