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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Gandalf, Nov 16, 2000.

  1. Gandalf

    Gandalf Guest

    Has anyone used this companies awful online credit card purchasing system, and NOT received the goods they ordered?
    I ordered a script from The Home Office On-Line - last weekend, paid for it using THIS companies online purchasing software, which promptly ditched my connection, and refused to connect me to the download page. E-mailing the company is a waste of time, they don't answer them, neither do they answer the phone. I used OPERA v4 for the download as I hate MSIE. Not everyone has Netscape.
    Why is it SO hard to have a universally secure online system?
    I dislike being cheated, but I dislike not getting what I want even more.
    Someone has my money, but I don't have the goods. That's FRAUD, and obtaining money by DECEPTION, in anyone's book.
    Anyone else had the same experience with poor service from CREDITNET.COM
  2. Carrot

    Carrot Guest

    Have you called your bank about this yet? They probably will refund your money to you.
  3. CCN Mercha

    CCN Mercha Guest

    We are looking into the situation with the company you made your purchase from. Thank you for bringing it to our attention.

    The merchants themselves provide and maintain any functionality over and above the actual processing of the credit card transactions. This includes delivery of the product.

    We are not authorized to issue credits or reverse transactions on behalf of our merchants. If you are unable to resolve this directly with the merchant you may need to contact your bank.
  4. kaliban

    kaliban Well-Known Member is hands down the best Internet Payment Gateway company around, and has an excellent reputation in the Internet community both for customer service and for combatting fraud. I personally am aware of several cases where creditnet spent their own money to combat fraud for which they had no responsability or liability. In my book, they are a first rate company.

    Your beef seems to be with The Home Office On-Line, which apparently is one of creditnet's merchants. It is unfair of you to attack creditnet for something over which they obviously have no control, that is, how one of their customers is about delivering products.

    I have used creditnet's system, and I know that they only handle the transaction, not the delivery of the goods afterwords. If the merchant is not responsive, you should complain to your credit card issuer. They will protect you.

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