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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Nave, Sep 21, 2001.

  1. Nave

    Nave Well-Known Member

    Just got back results from my last online dispute with Equifax. I did these with Erica so maybe she can remember the exact dispute date, but I had 3 disputed items (listed as "In Dispute") when I made the online dispute. I disputed 2 different items that were NOT already "in dispute".

    I just received the results from the online disputing and the other three items are STILL marked as "in dispute". (I received an updated hard copy of my report even though I disputed online).

    All I can surmise is that maybe, online disputing yields faster results than snail mail disputing since the items were marked as "in dispute" when I made the online move, and they are still "in dispute"

    -Peace, Dave

    PS The results: I got: 1 of the 2 items was removed, the other was already verified last month and sent back as verified again. Equifax marks the collection activity as updated also so I have updated collection activity on that account from 7/01 and 9/01
  2. Erica

    Erica Well-Known Member

    I don't remember, but I did get my online results back a few days ago. I sent a new round of disputes 2 days ago, so we'll see how long it "really" takes them to respond.

    PS: 2 out of 4 of mine were deleted. So looks like 50% of online disputes are deleted.

    Congrats on the deletion. Sucks to be you about the "current collection activity". :(
  3. Andrew

    Andrew Well-Known Member


    I've had typically better than 50% per online dispute. But that's just my experience...
  4. eman

    eman Well-Known Member

    I imagine that online disputes with Equifax only results in the deletion of items that can not be verified by the creditor or won't be verified by the creditor. It is the same as if you called in a dispute or sent in their standard dispute form. I imagine all these 3 different methods use the 4 common and generic dispute reasons.

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