Open my wallet and it's a sub-

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by dynamic, Sep 18, 2000.

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    When I look in my wallet, I see nothing but sub-prime cards:
    - Capital One "gold" mastercard $900 limit
    - Capital One visa $1000 limit
    - Providian $500 limit (increase coming soon)
    - Direct Merchants Bank "gold" card $500 lim.
    - Aspire visa $1,750 limit
    - Potential First North American National Bank visa card (I'm still trying to find out what this card looks like before I get it - anyone know of a link that shows what this card look like?)

    File Chapter 7 bankruptcy in 1992, and since then I have leased 2 cars, and I will be leasing my third car in May 2001.

    I have been perfect on all accounts since the bankruptcy (all of the credit cards have been within the last year, and I would just like to know one thing - "When will the prime offers start rolling in, so I can ditch these maggots?" Should I just wait until the bankruptcy falls off in 2002? Or, does anyone have any suggestions for the prime credit card lenders that take a chance on someone in my position. Actually, Capital One is the one card that I will keep because they were the first one to offer me a credit card, and that means a lot to me.

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    RE: Open my wallet and it's a

    Well it's a start. I have lots of subprime cards, and one prime card. A few retail department store cards too. Eventually I will close the majority of my subprime cards. Like you just waiting for those better offers to come in.

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