Open question for David D.

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Mo, Jun 14, 2000.

  1. Mo

    Mo Guest

    I have a legitimate question for David D.:

    People who visit this board fall into one of two categories - those who ask for help concerning credit issues, or those who are inclined to be helpful to others who have questions and concerns.

    David D., apparently from his posts, has no credit problems, but rather, to the contrary, seems rightfully proud of a very good credit he is not of category one.

    David D. offers no advice or information to the questioners. Instead, he chooses to chastise with platitudes ("just pay your bills" what a god-send that is to people)and deride people who, upon explaining their situations, ask for such advice and information....and so he is also not of category two.

    Question, David D.: Just why are you even looking at this board, *much less* taking time to agitate those who are a little sensitive to begin with? The only answer that springs to mind has something to do with feelings of inferiority that are only quelled by dwelling upon the plights of those who are in a less substantial or advantageous position. And PS, all my FICO are 738 or better, so no, I am not railing against the system. It is my choice to offer helpful information when it is within my purview. Perhaps you could do the same, as so many others here.
  2. Kathie

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    Well said. A reality check back to civility is always welcome.
  3. unclaimed

    unclaimed Guest

    Perhaps he is the puppy killer incarnate

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