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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by CiRcUs-FrE, Apr 19, 2000.

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    Anyone know if this is a good card to deal with when it comes to building credit?
  2. Tony

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    RE: Opinion on Bank First Acti

    I opened an account with Bank First over a year ago, and I have had no problems. They have increased my credit line every 6 months, and I see that they report to all 3 credit bureaus every month.
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    RE: Opinion on Bank First Acti

    Sure, until you're account goes awry. Granted, letting ourselves get into crisis and neglecting to pay our debts for a period were our circumstances we needed to rectify; we shouldn't have to rely or depend on anyone else to help out. So when we got behind with ActionCard/Bankfirst we wound up "settling" by agreeing to pay the balance if they (ActionCard/Bankfirst) would be willing to waive the finance charges. We did this by phone (first mistake: Didn't get in writing, sent the check out for the balance). Well after they (ActionCard/Bankfirst) recieved the check, they called to say the person we made the arrangements with did not have a supervisor's approval prior to the agreement, and the agreement was null. In other words, AFTER they got the check for the balance, they were now demanding the finance charges and still carried the threat of taking us to collections. We fought tooth and nail, every other day with someone new each time, stating our claim, the agreement, and how this could be possibly made into a case of bad faith. It was then that around 7:00 p.m. one evening about 1.5 months ago, we got a call from someone claiming to be a supervisor (which was verified by phone). He seemed very accomodating (Dan Martin, I believe was his name)and told my wife the agreement would stand and should anyone else notify us, to give them his name and number and he would square it up with them.
    It's been 1.5 months since that call. We still get the notices by mail, we're still getting phone calls from collections, each of which (after we disclose Dan's instructions) say "I'm so sorry. I didn't read the comments screen. I do see here where he (Dan) has entered in his contact with you, and the account has been processed for settlement). We got another phone call this very Saturday morning at 8:17 from ActionCard/Bankfirst. The operator I spoke with informed me (After I had disclosed the name of the person she should contact) that Dan doesn't work on the weekends, so I would have to call on Monday. In short ActionCard/Bankfirst has seen the last of any capital from us, and now, after I notify the state attorney general's office and the regional Federal Trade Commission office where our account has been mishandled, maybe then we can press for relief in a court of law for ActionCard/Bankfirst's shortcomings.
    Just keep your account up to date; if anything goes awry, from our standpoint and experience, it becomes completely impersonal (that is, money talks with them. Try to relay anything else and your speaking a language they don't understand).

    Sincerely peeved in Washington.


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