Opt-Out... Part Deux

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    CA's are sending out opt-out notices because they are scrambling to get "legal" in light of the new law. CA's are in a grey area and it's CYA time for them. Many CA's pull credit headers for skip tracing and the new law covers headers. The Gramm-Leach-Bliley (GLB) law went into affect July 1.

    A subsequent legal challenge to the law was filed by TU, EQ and a few others. Their suit was tossed...

    Here's the story:


    Here is tons of Opt-Out information:




    *** Please note the "opt-out" number (888-5optout, 888-567-8688) only lets you opt-out from letting the CRA's sell your info for marketing. This opt-out should, for instance, stop pre-approved credit offers. This old FCRA requirement has nothing to do with the recent privacy legislation. If you want, you must opt-out from each and every institution you do biz with.


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