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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by C, Oct 3, 2000.

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    I see on the application that it asks for SS# or Tax ID#...could one enter corporate tax ID number or a Business Tax ID#? Since all they ask for is TIN, there would be no fraud if that is all one provided. Also, I notice no where on the app where it even asks for permission to check credit. Does Amex even bother pulling a report? If so with what bureau? Thanks in advance!
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    RE: ??? Optima Secured...maybe

    I have the card . . . they pull an Experian report.

    The TIN vs. SSN option doesn't work anymore as a way to secure new credit if you have blemishes in your individual file. The credit world has gotten much too sophisticated. Unless you're an established business with a D&B file, they will still scrutinize your personal credit data.
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    For those who are confused abot if the card is still available, you can contact the Amex Centurion Bank, in Midvale.Ut at (801)565.5000.All reps. at the 1.800.numbers will tell you that the card is not available anymore. Why? I don't know. I spoke with 5 different reps at the 800 number and all said it wasn't available,but one young lady sensed my distraught and gave the number and mailing addy for Optima secure dept. Addy is Amex Centurion Bank at:p.o.Box 2001,Midvale Utah,84047.The 2001 P.O.Box will direct the app to the Optima secure card dept. I had downloaded the app on-line and it did not have a maiing addy to send app and this was my reason for calling Amex today. Several reps were very rude and I for a moment was considerig not applying for the card,but after a very nice and polite young lady name Tamara directed me in the right direction, I reconsidered applying.Wish me luck with being approved for the secure card!

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