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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by dave, May 17, 2001.

  1. dave

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    I received a letter from Orchard telling me that my Visa will be converted to an MC in July. I've had the card since 94. I also have their MC. Each account has an annual fee but Orchard used to waive the fees every time I asked. Now they refuse to waive them and they tell me they will not combine the accounts. The APR for purchases and cash advances is 15.9. I want to dump them except for the fact that the Visa is my oldest account and 15.9 is the lowest cash advance rate I have. I don't use cash advances much but if I need one, I'd like to get it without paying 19% or more.

    This presents a quandary but I'm leaning toward closing them anyway. I have six other major cards and need to go on a reducing plan. Any suggestions? Anyone know of another card that has a lower cash advance rate?

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    Sometimes people have called back for what they want five or ten times...SOMETIMES IT WORKS.
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    Although Orchard aren't crooks or anything like that, they seem to offer one of the worst CC deals in the market. Their general product value has diminished considerably since bought by HHB.

    Capital One, FCNB, Providian and The Associates all offer much better products than Orchard.


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