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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by joe, Jun 27, 2000.

  1. joe

    joe Well-Known Member

    can everyone please share your limit increase history with orchard bank. i am curious to see how much they give and how often.
  2. JP

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    RE: orchard bank limit increas

    Since Household Bank now owns Orchard Bank and charges a credit limit increase fee, I'd be interested to know if someone has been offered a credit limit increase since Household took over. If so, what did you receive and what if any fees were associated with the increase. Lastly was the increase solicited or unsolicited.

  3. JacquiG

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    RE: orchard bank limit increas

    I had an Orchard MasterCard from June 96 to May 2000. My history:
    Start June 96 - $300 limit
    Dec 96 - $400 ($100 increase)
    June 97 - $600 ($200 increase)
    Dec 97 - $1000 ($400 increase)
    June 98 - $1500 ($500 increase)
    Dec 98 - $1800 ($300 increase)
    June 99 - $2000 ($200 increase)
    Did not receive an increase in December 99.

    Closed my account in May 2000. I'm not sure when they were bought by Household; that may or may not have had anything to do with it. Also, in June 99, they lowered my apr and waived the annual fee at my request.
  4. Paul

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    RE: orchard bank limit increas

    I received a $500 increase on my unsecured card about 8 months after I first recieved it. I used it frequently and always carried a balance, but made minimum payments of $125 twice a month (one each payday). They didn't automatically raise my limit, I had a vendor credit that didn't post when I thought it would and made a purchase at the same time. I called them out of concern of exceeding my credit limit and they raised my limit. The customer service person was very helpfull and stated she didn't know why I hadn't received a limit increase prior to that. She also stated that the limit extension was based on my past payment history.

    Hope this helps.


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