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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Greg, Jan 21, 2001.

  1. Greg

    Greg Guest

    A few of you may recall that I had a problem with Orchard Bank and their agreement with an APR reduction they never honored, even after they had sent the ammended cardholder agreement stating the new terms. I filed complaints about Orchard and it's parent, Household Bank, with the FTC, the Dept. of Thrift Supervision and the Attorney General of the State of Washington's office.

    I received a letter from Orchard Bank a few weeks ago, basically stating that they closed my account at my request, but never offered any appology or addressed the APR concern.

    Yesterday, I received a follow-up letter from the Attorney General's Office. The caseworker enclosed a copy of Orchard Bank's response to my complaint.

    Interesting... the letter that Orchard sent the Attorney General's Office was a "doctored" copy of the same letter I received. The same person at Orchard had inserted two paragraphs in the letter to the AG's office that is not in the letter I received. Their letter to the AG's office actually addressed the APR letter. The cover letter Orchard sent the AG stated that they had already addressed my concerns beforehand. The letter to the AG and the letter I received are dated the same (Dec. 20).

    I know that some people got on my case about complaining about Orchard and that I should let it go and be done with them...but, I find it mortifying that Orchard lied to a government agency regarding my complaint!

    That goes to show that Orchard has reached an alltime low! Their actions prove that they have no problems lying to a consumer AND a government agency!

    I want to point out that I never had any problems with Orchard until Household Bank purchased them.

    I will be calling the AG's office tomorrow to see if they appreciate being snowed by a greedy bank!
  2. Jim

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    keep up the pressure on orchar

    When these Orchard offers of credit with $89 annual fee showed up on the board, I went to the Orchard web site. They are advertising lower fees there. Nothing looks honest or legitimate about them.
  3. Greg

    Greg Guest

    RE: keep up the pressure on or

    Agreed! I have never delt with a company as underhanded as Orchard!
  4. Sister Gir

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    I feel you when you speak of Household Bank;they have had their dealing w/me on some issues that they proclaimed that were "my error"...but facts pointed that "erroneous billing " on their behalf. I cannot stress how VERY IMPORTANT it is to document person,time,date,call length,what was stated to whom(i.e....your concern/their reply).It has BLOWN UP in their face when I have dealt w/them before.I had to address them when they assumed Levitz's account from GE Capital & charged me finance charges on a purchase that was on "no finance charge for 1 yr" that was not due for another 4 months yet(but when conversion occured,they somehow calculated a "due amount" for this purchase.Meanwhile,I'm paying on this delayed billing purchase to avoid total purchase amount due at end of promo.

    I got it corrected(after several certified letters/return receipt,copies of statements that has my check #/date mailed/amount sent on each one).Plus, I sent copies of cancelled checks from the bank in support....was credited amount of $208.36(???)....but ONLY because I stayed on them(this account was closed when final payment hit their system.

    Today,I'm fighting w/them still on a motorcycle that they financed for me,but more about that later.

    Sister Girl

    P.S.--Can you feel the HATRED that I have for these people(will NEVER do business w/them again).
  5. somebody

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    RE: keep up the pressure on or

    Jim, did it ever occur to you that just maybe (like most banks) they offer more than one type of account. You need to do more research before you go bashing companies you know nothing about.

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